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Search Engine Barometer – May 2008
Nothing can stop Google…

This barometer is published every month to follow the main trends in search engine visit share. Below you will find the figures for May 2008.
  • Survey conducted from May 1 to 31, 2008
  • Perimeter of 91,781 websites
In may 2008, only Free was able to avoid losing ground

Google maintained its April momentum with the strongest points progression: +0.33 points, i.e. a share of visits that hit 90.33% in May. Google was also the only one of the 15 search engines to progress along with Free, in sixth place, at 0.44% (+0.02 points over April 2008).

Yahoo!, second in this ranking, again fell below the 3% mark (at 2.90%) while Orange, in fifth place, also continues to lose ground (-0.05 points this month).

Live Search, third (at 2.45%) and AOL, fourth (at 1.57%), also lost ground.

There were no changes in the positions held by the other search engines in this top 15 ranking, other than Seznam that took 13th. place from Lycos thanks to the latter's poor showing: -25.4% in its share of visits between April and May 2008 (the sharpest fall in percentage terms).



See you again next month in XiTi Monitor for the latest changes affecting search engines.

Methodology :

This search engine barometer is produced from French language websites.

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