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Homelidays celebrates achieving 2 million visits in a month.


The European specialist in holiday-lets between private individuals, Homelidays, has, for the month of March 2006 alone, registered more than 2.4 million visits (28 million page views).

Within five years, Homelidays has established itself as the benchmark in the field of holiday-lets, and today has 1.3 million visits per day and 800,000 holidaymakers registered as members (foreign members: 40%). In 2005, 500,000 people took their holidays via Homelidays. In 2005, 25,000 property owners trusted in Homelidays (forecast for 2006: 30,000).


How does it work?

The property owner publishes his advertisement (free 1-month trial, without commitment; 1 year: 115 euros, plus seasonal formats). The Internet user can consult free of charge, then contact the property owner directly and for free, by e-mail or by phone. Homelidays does not take any commission.

The reasons for our success

An unrivalled source of information:
  • The Internet user has access to the most detailed description possible... without actually going there
  • More than 50% of advertisements are updated during the week, which limits the amount of fruitless contact between lessors and lessees
  • Rental adverts that match the reality: with more than 28,000 post-rental assessments checked by Homelidays, this is a guarantee of successful holidays.

An unequalled range of destinations: 80 countries. More than 23,000 sites permanently on offer (300 new destinations per week), including 50% in other countries thanks to our site’s availability in 7 languages.

A multi-criteria search engine that reckons with all your requirements and wishes, coupled with dynamic cartographic search capabilities using ViaMichelin technology, allowing you to select a geographical area for your holiday, concealing all “traditional” divisions of countries (region, sub-region, etc.).

Assistance by e-mail or phone (non-premium number) with any difficulty in using the site.

A relationship based on trust between landlords, tenants, and Homelidays

  • 98% of tenants are satisfied with their rental arrangements and would trust in Homelidays for their next holiday-let.
  • 98% of property owners are satisfied with their tenants: 12 weeks of reservations from each advertisement in 2005 (* average noted during a survey amongst 3.000 property owners registered with Homelidays in October 2005...), more than 23.000 rental properties. 80 countries.Detailed descriptions with photos. Availability and rates on line.Holiday-lets and short breaks, between private individuals.

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