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The 20% rate of Firefox use is crossed for half the european countries in XiTi’s survey perimeter.

Growth of the Firefox web browser: in Europe the top three, Slovenia, Finland and Croatia, remain unchanged. At the same time, Europe retains the highest Firefox’s use rate in the world.
  • Study carried out from 04/08/06 to 04/14/2006
  • The entire XiTi perimeter

Slovenia, Finland and Croatia take the lead with more than 30% of use of Firefox (respectively 35.8%, 33.1% and 31.3% of Firefox use among the total number of visits). These countries have a substantial lead over the european average of 19.4%. In France, the Firefox use rate reaches 17.4%, which is very low compared to the European rate. Therefore, the French use of Firefox only ranks 16.



NB: Unlike former Firefox surveys, these data are now calculated for an entire week, and not only for sundays. As a case in point for sundays, on Sunday April 9, 2006, the average European rate is 20.6%, which shows an increase in Firefox use compared to Sunday January 8, 2006.
In the same way, the use of Firefox in France on sundays also increased on this period, from 18% to 18.9% of visits.

For more information, read our “Survey methods” and “Week-end vs. week use” sections.

Compared to other continents, Europe still ranks first in Firefox use rates

Europe is shortly followed by Oceania, then North America. On the contrary, Firefox seems to encounter difficulties in conquering Africa: the use rate in this continent is hardly superior to 10%. Firefox use rate is also very low in Asia and South America, where it is more than twice lower than in Europe.


Week-end versus week use

Firefox’s use in Europe still overhauls 20% on week-ends.


Globally, the use of Firefox in Europe is still very focused on week-ends, which means that it is more a personnal use than a professional one. Still, this average rate reckons with very different behaviours from a country to another.


As a matter of fact, and unlike other European countries, Andorra, Ukrainia and Norway show a lower use of Firefox during week-ends than during weeks (respectively -20.1%, -13.6% and -5.8%).
On the contrary, Croatia, Italy and United Kingdom are the countries where the week-end focused use of Firefox is the most significant.

The week was chosen in order to avoid bias effects due to Eastern holidays. Therefore, the entire week considered starts on Saturday April 8, 2006, and ends on Friday April 14, 2006.
For this new Firefox survey and the next surveys, the indicators are considered for the entire period. The Firefox use rate corresponds to the total number of visits using Firefox among the total number of visits of the period.
Nevertheless, we reckon with individual days for the week vs. week-end comparison. Therefore, for each day, the data published are average data on the visitors’ behaviour during this day.
In this survey, indicators by continents are representative of the countries we audited in this continent. The data shown is an average of the data per country. As a result, countries generating few visits to our subscribers’ sites are considered equally with countries generating a lot of visits.

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