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Within less than two months, Firefox’s rate use gained one point for all the european countries in XiTi’s survey perimeter.

Monthly assessment of the Firefox’s use rate in Europe and throughout the world: the classification of the continents by use rate remains stable but it has changed on the scale of European countries
  • Survey carried out from 05/29/06 to 06/04/06
  • The whole XiTi perimeter
In XiTi’s survey perimeter, Firefox’s rate use gained one point for all the european countries between the week of April 8th (our last survey) and the week of May 29th: the use rate is now 20.4%, vs. 19.4% two months ago. This trend concerns the great majority of european countries.
Moreover, the rate use of Firefox increased by more than three points in Finland, Poland and Norway.

The ranking of leading countries has changed since April : Finland now ranks 1st (with a rate use of 36.9%), Slovenia ranks 2nd (with 36.6%) and the 3rd position is for Slovakia (with 30.2%).
In France, the use of Firefox also increased (use rate of 18%), but this increase is less important than the average increase of all european countries.



Firefox world tendency

Firefox’s use rate increases in all continents except North America and Africa.

The rate use of Firefox remains the same in North America. In Africa, it slows down by 0.4 point.

Europe is still the 1st continent using Firefox (+1.1 point), followed by Oceania (+0.8 point). South America and Asia experienced a rise: respectively + 0.7 point and +0.8 point. Still, like Africa, Asia has a rate use of Firefox much lower than other continents.



Week-end versus week use

Firefox’s use in Europe now overhauls 22% on week-ends, versus 20% two months ago !


Firefox’ s use on week-ends is reinforcing in Europe : Whereas Firefox’ s use during the week has increased by 1 point, Firefox’s use on week-end has increased by 2.1 points. Therefore, the gap between Firefox’s use rate on weeks and on week-ends is increasing. Still, this domination of a personnal use of Firefox does not have the same importance in every country…


During the period surveyed, Luxembourg, Ireland and Switzerland were the countries where the “week-end focused use of Firefox” was the mot significant. Only one country shows a lower use of Firefox during the week-end than during the week: Ukrania, with a week-end use rate lower by 7% than the week use rate.

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