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Mozilla Firefox on the verge of gaining 29% use share in the European countries

After a recovery at the end of 2007, followed by a stabilization in January, Mozilla Firefox's visit share, for the average of European countries of the XiTi perimeter, entered a new growth phase in February and March 2008. It posted a 4.5 point year-to-year gain, reaching 28.8% in March 2008.
  • Study conducted March 1-31, 2008
  • Perimeter of 116,450 websites
European trend: Mozilla Firefox gained almost a full point of visit share over the last three months

The average visit share for Mozilla Firefox in the European countries of the XiTi perimeter gained 4.5 points between March 2007 and March 2008.

After a slight dip monitored in October 2007, the free browser's visit share recovered strongly at the end of the year, stabilized in January 2008 and began a new upward trend in February and March 2008.

Thus, Mozilla Firefox’s use share, on average for a European country, is 28.8% in March 2008, 0.3 points higher than February and up 0.8 points from January 2008:


Between February and March 2008, the visit share for Mozilla Firefox increased in 70% of the 32 European countries studied, with Finland leading the pack.

On average within all the European countries in the XiTi perimeter, the use share for Mozilla Firefox increased 1% between February (28.5%) and March 2008 (28.8%). For the 32 countries studied, between February and March 2008, the Mozilla Firefox share rose in 22 countries, remained steady in three and decreased in seven.

The highest posted percentage increase was for Andorra: from 22.7% in February to 24.8% in March 2008 (+2.1 points), followed by Hungary (+1.2 points), Luxembourg (+1.1 points) and Finland, which retained the number one spot while gaining 1 point. Among the seven countries where the Mozilla Firefox visit share decreased, Bulgaria accounted for the biggest loss: -1.8 points between February and March 2008. In the other six countries showing a negative trend – Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia, Italy and Monaco – it lost less than one point.

There was very little change among the three visit share leaders, except that Slovenia lost its second position to Poland. Thus, Finland, with 45.9%, is now ahead of Poland (44%), followed by Slovenia (43.7%).

In France (26.8%) as in Spain (23.5%), the use share for Mozilla Firefox remains below the European average.



Weekly usage rhythm: during the weekend, the average European visit share for Mozilla Firefox is over 30%.

The use of Mozilla Firefox is always proportionally higher on weekends than during the week:

  • 30.1% average visit share for Mozilla Firefox on weekend days in March 2008,

  • compared to an average of 28.3% on week days during the same month.


Also in Europe, Internet Explorer has lost 2.5 points of visit share in six months.

The average European visit share for the leading browser has thus dropped to 65% in March 2008, as compared to 67.5% in October 2007. Nevertheless, it still accounts for twice as many visits as its challenger.

This loss of ground benefits:

  • Above all, Mozilla Firefox: +1.8 points in 6 months,
  • but also Safari, on average the 4th most popular browser in the XiTi European perimeter, with a visit share of 2.3% in March 2008: +0.5 points in six months,
  • and, to a lesser extent, Opera, the 3rd most popular browser (3.3% in March 2008): +0.2 points in six months.


Worldwide Trend: the share for Mozilla Firefox stabilized in Oceania over March 2008

Although the average visit share for Mozilla Firefox is higher in Oceania (31.2%) than in Europe (28.8%), growth has been flat over this past month, while the European figure has increased.

The browser lost a small amount of share in North America (-1%), while its trends in South America and Asia are comparable to those in Europe. It was in Africa that Mozilla Firefox posted the strongest gain for March 2008: 17.9% in visit share compared to 17.4% the previous month (+3%).



The average European visit share for Mozilla Firefox has not finished growing – to the strong discontent of Internet Explorer – reaching 28.8% in March 2008...

Will the final version of Firefox 3, expected in June 2008, accelerate this trend even further?

Please check back over the next few months in the Browser Barometer section of the XiTi Monitor website to follow these developments.


Mozilla Firefox's visit share corresponds to the total of Mozilla Firefox visits measured during the period studied, compared to the total of all visits measured for all browsers combined. The same applies for the visit shares of the other browser families (total visits for the browser in question, compared to the total of all visits measured for all browsers combined).

The indicator for a continent is intended to be, for the purposes of this study, representative of the monitored countries that compose it. This indicator is an average of the countries' indicators. Thus, the behavior of a country that generates few visits is reckoned equitably in the context of its continent.

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