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Germany and Croatia join the circle of European countries with over 30% Firefox use.

The use rate of the Firefox web browser continues to increase. Germany and Croatia have just exceeded the 30% barrier, and at the same time Europe retains it place as leading world user.
  • Study carried out from 28/08/2006 to 09/03/2006
  • The entire XiTi perimeter
European trend

Firefox market share above 30% in Slovenia, Finland, Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Croatia.

The Firefox usage rate progressed from 21.1% to 21.9% over all the European countries with websites audited by XiTi between the week of 3 to 9 July 2006 (previous study) and the week of 28 August to 3 September 2006. Of the 29 countries below, only five saw their rates fall: Finland, Romania (which had seen strong growth by early July), Latvia, Bulgaria and Ukraine. The highest growth was observed in Slovenia and Austria, with +2.4 and +3 points respectively in the rate of use of Firefox in these two countries.

Slovenia (39% Firefox use) moves back into the lead, ahead of Finland (35.4%) and Slovakia (34.3%). Poland reclaims 4th place (+1.4 points) ahead of the Czech Republic in 5th. Growth in the rate of use of Firefox in France (19.6% vs. 18.4%) is, for the first time in several months, higher than the European average. Good growth is also apparent in Spain, whose rate rises from 12.4% to 13.5%.



Global trend

Oceania continues its progress, breaking the 21% barrier and moving closer to Europe.

The rate of use of Firefox is growing on all continents: particularly in Oceania, where it has gained 1.4 points, as well as in Europe (+0.8 points) and Asia (+0.7 points), the last continent to reach the 10% threshold.

The growth in Firefox use is smaller in Africa and South America (+0.3 points), and the rate remains stable in North America.



The data for North America and South America are not comparable with those of previous studies. Mexico, previously classed with South America, has been correctly reassigned to North America.

Weekly rhythm of use


In our July study, we saw that Firefox was gaining ground during the week while holding steady at the weekend. This trend has reversed in the last 2 months, and growth in the Firefox usage rate is once again larger at the weekend (24% on 2 and 3 September 2006 vs. 22.7% on 8 and 9 July 2006) than during the week (21.2% vs. 20.6%).

This dynamism in weekend "home" use of Firefox can be seen in all the European countries. Usually, several countries are distinguished by more "professional" use (during the week); but between 28 August and 3 September 2006 this was not the case, and all the European countries had a higher weekend usage rate. These are the 5 countries where this characteristic is the most marked:


Methodology :

The Firefox usage rate corresponds to all visits made using Firefox during the period as compared with the total number of visits.

In this study, the indicator for a continent is taken to be representative of the audited countries in that continent. This indicator is an average of the indicators for the countries. Thus the behaviour of a country that generates relatively few visits contributes equitably to the behaviour of the whole continent.

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