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Mozilla Firefox’s use share stabilises in the European countries

Mozilla Firefox enjoys a strong climb over one year, thus going from 21.4% of the visit share in Europe in September 2006 to 27.7% in September 2007. But this progression marks somewhat the pace since July 2007…
  • Study conducted from to September 1 to 30, 2007
  • Perimeter of 110,337 websites
European trend: Mozilla Firefox’s use share stabilises during the summer

Mozilla Firefox’s use share in Europe progressed by more than 6 points between September 2006 and September 2007, but is enjoying a phase of stabilisation since the summer 2007.

On average for a European country, Mozilla Firefox’s use share is thus 27.7% in September 2007 (vs. 21.4% in September 2006) and already reaches 27.6% in June 2007:


In September 2007, the use rate of Mozilla Firefox progressed in three quarters of the European countries studied, and Finland moves to the head in front of Slovenia.

Over the totality of the European countries from the XiTi perimeter, the Mozilla Firefox’s use rate is nearly stable between August (27.4%) and September 2007 (27.7%): +1%.

Three quarters of these European countries record a rise in Mozilla Firefox’s visit share while it loses a little ground within the remaining quarter. The greatest progression in points is to be attributed to Denmark: from 16.6% in August to 19% in September 2007 (+2.4 points), followed by Poland (from 39.1% to 41.1%) who thus joins the leading trio of European countries who are the greatest users of Mozilla Firefox.

Slovenia (41.5%) concedes its first place to Finland (45.4%) who gains 1.6 points compared with August 2007. Slovenia shows, moreover, the greatest monthly decline in points of Mozilla Firefox’s visit share by country, with Bulgaria: respectively -3.7 and -4 points in September vs. August 2007.

Mozilla Firefox’s use rate in France (25.2%) is still lower to that of Europe, but progresses more in September than the average of the European countries: +3% vs. +1%. Spain, as for it, crosses the 20% border.

It is in the Netherlands (15.6%) and in the United Kingdom (15.5%) that the use rate of Mozilla Firefox is the lowest in Europe for September 2007.



The share of the most used browser, Internet Explorer, remains stable for September 2007

In September 2007, Internet Explorer’s average visit share for a European country is indeed 66.6% vs. 66.5% at the beginning of the month of July 2007 (see our previous study), i.e. still more that double Mozilla Firefox’s share.

In terms of visit interest, the two flagship browsers are closer… Their entering visit rates are similar: 59% of visits for more than one page for Internet Explorer, 58% for Mozilla Firefox. And the Internet users using Internet Explorer see one page more during their visits (9.9) than those using Firefox (8.8), but these latter allow more time to each page viewed: 1 minute and 2 seconds vs. 53 seconds.


And what about the browser war between the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox?

Firefox 2’s success within its family is no longer to be proven whereas Internet Explorer 7 still doesn’t have the wind in its sails…

The graph below, presenting the visit shares of Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7 relative to their respective families, makes it possible to analyse the place that the new versions of the two flagship browsers have taken within their overall visits.

The result is clear-cut: Firefox 2 has more widely imposed itself faced with the other versions of Mozilla Firefox than Internet Explorer 7 faced with earlier versions of IE. On average for a European country, FF2 generated 88% of Mozilla Firefox’s visits in September 2007, whereas IE7 only generates 35% of the Internet Explorer visits:


Worldwide trend: Oceania crosses 30%

With a progression of 1 point compared with August, Oceania reaches 30.3% in visit share for Mozilla Firefox in September 2007. And is thus still ahead of Europe.

Mozilla Firefox gains ground on all the continents. North America passes the 20% hurdle and South America continues its rise this month with the greatest rise: 18.6% in Mozilla Firefox’s visit share for September 2007 vs. 16% the previous month (+16%).



The enormous ascension of Mozilla Firefox marks a little the pace over the last three months, with a visit share that enjoys a stabilisation phase for the average of the European countries.

Internet Explorer, who lost ground, thus remains stable at the same time…

But Mozilla Firefox is still winning the game of the new version: Firefox 2 largely besieged its family, which is not the case of Internet Explorer 7. And Firefox 3 will soon be there…

Methodology :

Mozilla Firefox’s use rate corresponds to the totality of Mozilla Firefox visits during the period studied in relation to the entirety of visits, all browsers taken together. The same applies for the visit shares of the other families of browsers (totality of visits of the browser considered in relation to the entirety of the visits of all the browser taken together).

The visit shares of Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7 correspond to the visits made by these two browsers in comparison to the entirety of their respective families’ visits, on average for a European country.

The indicator of a continent is meant to be, in this study, representative of the countries audited that form it. This indicator is an average of the indicators of the countries. Thus, the behaviour of a country that generates few visits intervenes fairly in the behaviour of its continent.

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