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Google Chrome makes its entry

September 2008 is an eventful period for web browsers with the rather unexpected release of the new Chrome open source browser launched by Google. Below are the initial figures of this new player, one day after its release, regarding visits from France.
  • Study conducted on Wednesday August 27th and Wednesday September 3rd 2008
  • Perimeter of 86,776 websites
1 visit out of 100 for Google Chrome on 3rd September 2008

Made official on Google’s blog, Google Chrome was launched during the day of Tuesday September 2nd 2008. Available at the moment in its beta version, the open source browser is accessible in 43 languages and in 122 countries, and only on Windows.

So, what are the results of this new arrival after one day of existence?

The graph below shows the visit share of the different browsers on Wednesday September 3rd 2008 generated in France. Google Chrome discreetly makes its entrance in fourth place, with 1.01% of French visits, ahead of Opera and behind Apple Safari (2.88%), Mozilla Firefox (28.10%) and Internet Explorer (67.08%). This figure of 1% corresponds to all sites in the XiTi perimeter and varies of course from one site to another.


To analyze the impact of this arrival on the respective share of rival browsers, the table below compares data from Wednesday 3rd with Monday September 1st 2008. Although all browsers record lower visit share, in the top three, Mozilla records the greatest fall: -0.75 points, compared to -0.21 for Internet Explorer.

Hasty conclusions should, of course, not be drawn from the results of this first day, which may reflect specific behavior. For example, we can suppose that some Mozilla users are perhaps more open to change and novelty than Internet Explorer users: thus, they would be greater in number to quickly “try out” Google Chrome, but this does not mean that they will adopt it once and for all.


One thing is sure: Google is on all fronts and has hit hard once again… Should Mozilla and Internet Explorer (with the upcoming release of IE8) really be worried?

Check out XiTi Monitor in the coming months to follow the penetration of Google Chrome.


The visit share of each browser corresponds to visits to the browser in relation to visits to all browsers, over the period studied and for visits generated from France.

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