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Web news: the new expressions searched by internet users from 1st to 15th December 2007

This study presents a record of new expressions typed into search engines by internet users. What are the latest news facts to have aroused their attention? Answer below…
  • Study carried out from 1st to 15th December 2007
  • Perimeter of 7,188 websites
Malesherbes assassination attempt, Dragon Ball Z video game and letter from Ingrid Betancourt head the searches typed for the first time

Between 1st and 15th December 2007, of all the visits generated via search engines, “colis piégé paris” (parcel bomb paris) is the most typed plain new expression, the day it came out, by internet users (compared with others the day they came out). Indeed, the assassination attempt on the law firm on 6th December 2007 concerns 6 out of the 15 most typed new expressions.

The second simple expression is “dragon ball z burst limit” (video game), a subject that we also find in 8th position.

lettre ingrid Betancourt” completes the top trio of most widely searched new expressions on the day it came out. This letter also occupies the 5th place with a slight variant: “lettre d’ingrid Betancourt”.

The other top 15 novel news items to fuel the curiosity of internet users from 1st to 15th December 2007 include: Google's collaborative encyclopedia (“knol Google”), Rothen’s reaction to the strike by PSG (Paris Saint Germain) supporters for the match against Caen (“momo rothen”), Diam’s song reviewed Brassens style (“la pompe moderne”), the election of Miss France 2008 (“miss France 2008 et ses dauphines”) and finally the storm warning on the weekend of 8th December (“météo : tempête sur l’ouest” = weather: storm over the West).



This record is established from visits made from France across the perimeter of XiTi client sites.

It comprises elements retained from the new simple expressions typed into search engines by internet users between 1st and 15th December 2007, that is to say never having been recorded prior to 1st December 2007 across the XiTi perimeter.

The only things which are excluded are expressions relating to the soft-porn sector.

The score communicated from the 2nd to the 15th expression corresponds with the number of visits via each of these expressions, when you reduce the number of visits to the most frequently typed new expressions to 100.

This score is calculated per expression on the first day where the latter is recorded.

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