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Web news: the new expressions searched for by Internet users in January 2008

This study presents the honors list of expressions typed for the first time in the search engines by Internet users. What are the latest current events facts to have sparked their interest? Answer below…
  • Study conducted from January 1 to 31, 2008
  • Perimeter of 7,593 websites
The Jérôme Kerviel affair and the Tata Nano on the front page of searches typed for the first time

During the month of January 2008, over the totality of visits generated via the search engines, “jérôme kerviel” is the new raw expression the most typed for the first time, the day it came out, by the Internet users (compared to other expressions the day they came out). Thus, the affair of the Société Générale’s trader that broke at the end of January concerns 5 expressions out of the new 15 most typed (surname and first name spelled differently, with or without quotes…)

The second raw expression is “bonus co2 palmarès” (bonus co2 honors list) in reference to the release of the rankings of the least polluting cars.

tata nano,” the least expensive car in the world, launched by the Indian builder Tata, arrives 3rd in the new expression the most searched on the day they came out. One also finds the Tata Nano in 15th place (“nano tata”).

The other new current events subjects to spark the interest of Internet users in January 2008 among the top 15 are: the video to the motorist that was filmed at 225 km/h on a Lunéville bypass ("225 km/h sur internet": 225 km/h on internet), the Tsonga – Nadal match at the Australian open ("video tsonga nadal"), the fight between two Arsenal players during a Tottenham – Arsenal game ("adebayor bendtner"), the fall of the American skier in Austria ("scott macartney"), the Turquin affair (""affaire turquin"chronologie": "affair turquin" chronology), the death of Carlos ("Carlos cancer") and finally the implication of the masseuse of the Brokeback Mountain actor deceased on January 22 ("diana wolozin").



This honors list is established from the visits made from France on the perimeter of XiTi’s client websites.

The new raw expressions typed into the search engines by Internet users between January 1 and 31, 2008 are retained, i.e. having never yet been recorded before January 1, 2008 on the XiTi perimeter.

Only the expressions relative to the adult sector are excluded.

The score communicated from the 2nd to the 15th expression corresponds to the number of visits of each of these expressions when one brings the number of visits of the most typed new expression down to 100.

This score is calculated, for each expression, the first day that it is recorded.

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