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Keen interest from Internet users for the image of the new presidential power

From May 16, the inauguration date of the President, to June 3, 2007, XiTi Monitor reveals for you the evolutions of the Internet visits associated to Nicolas Sarkozy and the first lady of France, as well as the most sought-after subjects by the Internet users.
  • Survey carried out from May 16 to June 3, 2007
  • Perimeter of 67 current events websites – media
The day of the inauguration of the President, the Internet users also turned toward the first lady of France…

The graph below presents the daily evolution of the visits generated by the searches associated to Cécilia and Nicolas Sarkozy from May 16, day of the inauguration, to June 3, 2007.

Cécilia Sarkozy interests Internet users… For every 100 visits generated by the searches associated to Nicolas Sarkozy on May 16, 55 visits were also generated for searches associated to Cécilia Sarkozy. It is the first lady of France, and it must also be said that a few polemics, like the fact that she did or didn’t vote in the 2nd round, have provoked a certain interest on the Internet like in the other media.

It is interesting to remark that the trends of their visit curves follow one another. The daily visits, decreasing until May 19, know a peak on May 22 (128 visits associated to N. Sarkozy per 100 on May 16): day of the release of the official photography of the President of the Republic, taken by Philippe Warrin of the Sipa Press agency.

From May 23, the level of Internet visits diminishes for the presidential couple. Once the fervor of the results and the inauguration finished, one only records 10 more visits associated to Nicolas Sarkozy on June 3, per 100 on May 16.


Lets now concern ourselves with the subjects that most interested the Internet users during their searches for Nicolas Sarkozy since his inauguration…

The preferred themes of Internet users since May 16: official photo, political program and constitution of the Sarkozy government

19% of the Internet searches associated to Nicolas Sarkozy between May 16 and June 3, 2007 refer to the political man in general, without specifying a particular associated subject. In the last few weeks, the searches of the Internet users have become refined because this theme represented 31.6% of the searches between April 23 and 29.

The 2nd center of interest of the internet users is the search for photographies of the new President of the Republic with 15.5% of the search engines, mainly of the official photo unveiled on May 22: “photo officielle sarkozy” (photo official sarkozy), "photo officielle du president sarkozy" (photo official of president sarkozy)…

In 3rd place, the Internet users turn 14.8% of their searches towards his program and the very diverse political questions raised: education (and notably the school map), immigration, inheritance, employment (overtime), health (deductible), plurality of offices, Europe, international program… The constitution of the new government arrives in fourth with 8.4% of the searches.

The Internet users then interested in information of a private nature (7.7%), essentially about his family: “fils de nicolas sarkozy” (son of nicolas sarkozy), “que s est il passe dans le couple sarkozy” (what happened in the sarkozy couple), and about his holdings. Followed by his inauguration (6.5%) and the law on loan interest for the purchase of a primary residence (4.8%).

From 8th to 10th place of the most searched subjects, one finds his public speeches, the searches associated to Ségolène Royal and the parodies.

Mr. Sarkozy’s joggings have not passed unnoticed because they account for nearly 2% of the searches… The Internet users also searched for information concerning the amnesty of parking fines (1.6%), without finding the answer, not promised, but so hoped for!


With this survey, the “presidential saga of the Web” that XiTi Monitor has proposed for you over the last few months ends. Rendezvous shortly for other current events subjects…


In this survey, the websites retained among the audited websites are the media and current events websites. The searches by engines made on the Internet are recorded at each visit made on one of the retained websites. The searches containing the name, with the eventual insertion of spelling errors, are tallied for Nicolas and Cécilia Sarkozy.

We processed a sample of the searches made. For Cécilia Sarkozy as well as for Nicolas Sarkozy, the size of the sample makes it possible to conserve the same characteristics as those of the whole with a level of uncertainty fixed ate 5%.

The top 15 of the subjects concern the searches associated to Nicolas Sarkozy. The theme “private live” therefore doesn’t include requests only making reference to Cécilia Sarkozy without directly attaching it to Nicolas Sarkozy. On the other hand, these requests are taken into account for the evolution of the visits associated to Cécilia Sarkozy presented in the first graph.

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