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2nd round of the Presidential Elections 2007:
Massive consultations of current events websites before the announcement of the official results

The day of the 1st round had generated a skyrocketing of Internet visits on April 22, 2007 on the current events/media websites, particularly between 6pm and 8pm. The momentum of the second round is assured…
  • Survey carried out April 15, April 22 and May 6, 2007
  • Perimeter of 67 current events – media websites
A peak from 6pm-8pm less pronounced than in the 1st round, and visits more spread out in the afternoon and evening on the current events-media websites

In our survey of April 26, 2007, we noted that on the Sunday of the first round of elections, the Internet users were connected in droves on the current events/media websites in comparison to a typical Sunday. And this, no matter what time of the day, but with a particularly marked peak from 6pm to 8pm before the official results.

As a reminder, here is the graph below presenting the index of the hours of visits for the days of the Sundays April 15 and 22, 2007 on the current events-media websites.


Were the Internet users also so eager to try to know before 8pm the name of the President of the French Republic on Sunday, May 6,2007?

The graph below presents, this time, the index of the hours of visits for the days of the Sundays April 22 and May 6, 2007 on the current events-media websites (with a base of 100 fixed on the time slot of 12am – 12:59am April 22, 2007).

Throughout the day of May 6, the visits were as numerous as on April 22, 2007, but with a distribution a little different…

  • Until 10am, the visits were almost equivalent between the Sundays of the 1st and 2nd rounds of the presidential elections

  • Then, from 11am until 5pm, the visits made on May 6 are greater

  • But the peak from 6pm-8pm remains pronounced for the 1st round: more than 6 times greater between 6pm and 7pm compared with the time slot 12am – 12:59am on Sunday, April 22, the visits are “only” 4.6 times greater between 8pm and 7pm on Sunday, May 6. Likewise between 7pm and 8pm: 5.3 more visits April 22 vs 12am – 12:59am vs. 4.6 on May 6

  • However, after 8pm and the official announcement of the results, Sunday, May 6 moves again into the lead in number of visits


As in the 1st round, Internet users visibly searched for information concerning the first estimates of the 2nd round election results before the official announcement at 8pm.

Does the less marked peak of visits between 6pm and 8pm attest to less gusto from Internet users at these precise times because there was less suspense than in the 1st round, or is it the deception of not having found, for some of them, these results in the 1st round?

None-the-less, the appeal of Web information doesn’t flag on Sunday, May 6, notably at the end of the day with more sustained visits after 8pm than on Sunday, April 22.


In this survey, we directly compared the audience recorded in a perimeter of current events/media websites from Sunday, 05/06/2007, day of the 2nd round results of the French presidential elections, to the Sunday of the 1st round 04/22/2007 and the Sunday preceding the 1st round, 04/15/2007. We made, naturally, the hypothesis that the difference of audience recorded between April 15, April 22 and May 6, 2007 represents the impact produced by the search for results of the 1st and 2nd rounds of French presidential elections 2007.

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