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2nd round of the Presidential Elections 2007:
S. Royal and N. Sarkozy neck to neck on the Web

A few days before the 2nd round of the elections, XiTi Monitor presents the shares of visits associated to searches for the two finalists and the most sought after subjects by Internet users.
  • Survey carried out from April 23 to 29 2007
  • Perimeter of 67 current events websites – media
As May 6th draws nearer, nearly perfect equality between S. Royal and N. Sarkozy for Web searches

During the week that followed the 1st round of the elections (from April 23 to 29, 2007), of the totality of the visits generated by the searches associated to the two finalist candidates, Nicolas Sarkozy took 50.2 visits out of 100, and Ségolène Royal 49.8 out of 100. Might as well say that the duel is tight.


In the graph below, the daily evolution of the visits generated by the searches associated to each of the candidates is represented for the week of April 23 to 29, 2007, and makes it possible to qualify this weekly result. It is very interesting to note that the visits linked to Nicolas Sarkozy are superior the first five days of the week, whereas those associated to Ségolène Royal truly “explode” on Saturday, April 28, 2007, day of the debate with François Bayrou:


It is useful to recall that this data is not connected to the polls of voting intentions. The Web searches are extremely linked to the current events of the candidates as we can see on this graph of daily visits, and are not proportional to the voting intentions. Moreover, they are also made by the supporters as well as by the detractors of the candidate and do not therefore reflect his popularity rating.

Thus, if Mrs. Royal and Mr. Sarkozy fuel the curiosity of the Internet users, one as much as the other, it is not necessarily on the same subjects…

Attractiveness of the debate Ségolène Royal – François Bayrou

The 1st center of interest of Internet users concerning Ségolène Royal is simply the political woman in general with 26.3% of the searches.

In second place, is the debate of Saturday, April 28, 2007 between Ségolène Royal and François Bayrou, which sparked numerous Web searches (23.3%). More generally, the Internet users also granted 6.2% of their searches to the relationship between Mrs. Royal and the candidate eliminated in the 1st round. Nearly one third of the searches for the PS candidate thus linked to François Bayrou: result that reflects well the polemic that marked the current events of the presidential campaign between April 23rd and 29th.

The searches associated to her adversary Nicolas Sarkozy arrive in 3rd position with 9.2%. Her private life is 4th with searches essentially linked to her family (“enfants de segolene royal” = children of segolene royal) or her clothing (with the eternal “segolene royal bikini”). And as the 5th most searched subject, we find her platform, with few requests on precise themes.

The meetings/travels only arrive in 8th place, but her large meeting at the Charléty stadium on May 1st hadn’t yet taken place.


Platform, meetings and detractors for the Web searches on Nicolas Sarkozy

31.6% of the searches refer to the political man in general, without precision of a particular associated subject.

The 2nd center of interest of Internet users is his platform and the political questions raised with 19.1% of the search engines, on targeted themes like immigration, retirement, inheritance rights…

In 3rd place, Internet users are interested in his meetings and travels (8.7%), notably to Rouen, Dijon and Bercy on April 29. The 4th most searched subject is not the most flattering: the searches oriented around Nicolas Sarkozy reach 8.1% with request like “sarko facho” (sarko fascist), “tout sauf sarko” (everything except sarko), “sarkozy danger” (sarkozy danger)… In 5th place, the Internet users make searches associated to his PS adversary.

The Internet users are proportionally less interested in his private life (7th place) than that of Ségolène Royal. On the other hand, 2.6% of the searches are granted to the eventual supports, political or not, of Mr. Sarkozy: “deputes udf rallies a sarkozy” (deputies udf rallied to sarkozy), “bernard tapie et nicolas sarkozy soutient” (bernard tapie and nicolas sarkozy support), “bigard sarkozy”…



In this survey, the websites retained among the audited websites are the media and current events websites. The searches by engines made on the Internet are recorded at each visit made on one of the retained websites. The searches containing the name, with the eventual insertion of spelling errors, are tallied for each of the two candidates.

We processed a sample of the searches made. For each candidate, the size of the sample makes it possible to conserve the same characteristics as those of the whole with a level of uncertainty fixed at 5%. Precise work on the sample made it possible to estimate the visitor rates to exclude (example: “Royal Air Maroc” must be excluded from visits attributed to Ségolène Royal).

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