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Dailymotion, more and more consulted, wins the loyalty gamble

This survey presents the key frequentation data measured for the Dailymotion group since the beginning of the year 2007, with a focus on May 13, 2007, record day in number of daily visits.
  • Survey carried out from January 5 to May 13, 2007
  • Perimeter : group Dailymotion/
The Dailymotion group close to 7 billion pages viewed in 4 months

The frequentation of Dailymotion, website offering a video clip sharing and viewing service, is booming the last 4 months. Thus, its cumulated number of pages viewed since January 17 reached 6,921,937,122 on Sunday, May 13, 2007.

The graph below presents the important levels passed by Dailymotion since January 17, 2007: a regular progression with a billion supplementary pages about every fifteen days.


The Dailymotion group is also:

  • Nearly 1 billion visits since January 17, 2007

  • 138,217,572 hours 37 minutes and 21 seconds of cumulated visit duration since January 17, 2007!


Lets concern ourselves now most particularly to the website…

Record for May 13, 2007: 3,697,534 daily visits

The Dailymotion visits have strongly progressed from January 5 to February 25, 2007, passing from nearly 2 million daily visits to 3 million. After a stabilization phase from the end of February to mid-April 2007 (with none-the-less important frequentation peaks March 18 and 21), the visits are once again growing to reach a record of 3,697,534 daily visits on May 13, 2007.

In the last 4 months, the daily visits to have thus been multiplied by 1.8.


On this record day of May 13, 2007, the visits to more than one page, compared to that of the 4 last months, were more numerous: 72.3% vs. 67% from January 5 to May 13, 2007. The average duration of these entering visits was also longer (26 minutes vs. 21 minutes 55 seconds): the Dailymotion visitors viewed fewer pages but stayed 30 seconds longer per page.


What were the most attractive categories on May 13, 2007?

Sharing of fun, music and short films on the agenda...

Nearly half of the visits on May 13, 2007 passed by the “pages-list” category (46.7%), i.e. the “search” button (44.3% of the visits) and the presentation of the list of available videos. The essential category for a lot of Dailymotion visitors in order the find the video so sought after…

It is then the Fun, Music and Short films channels that generate the most visits, and in 5th place are the users’ pages (that which corresponds to the classification of the videos by user name):


... with more than one visitor out of two connecting outside of France

52.2% of the visits made May 13 on thus come from a country other than France.

Among this countries, we find The United States in first place with 21% of the visits generated outside France, then Japan with 15.8% of the visits. The United Kingdom completes this trio with 13.5% of the visits.



Addicted visitors

The number one source of visits to is direct access with more than 60% of the visits on May 13, 2007 (61.7%). These visits were carried out by visitors “made loyal” who, in order to appreciate the content of this website, come back by accessing it via their favorites. Veritable strength of Dailymotion: the website succeeds through its content, its positioning at creating the desire of its visitors to come back regularly.

Direct access is followed by the referrer sites amounting to 28.7%, which once again attests to the real interest in its content, then by the search engines (6.2%) and access by awareness (2.6%) i.e. the declarations in the search engines of the company name.



The totality of the group Dailymotion’s websites (,,,, and the website in particular (for the videos consulted from the site).


Unique visitors accepting cookies: these are the unique visitors accepting cookies, deduplicated over the period surveyed and the group of websites.

Direct access: direct entry of the URL, bookmarks (favorites) or e-mail (via messaging software like Outlook)

Access by Search Engines: access by keyword search in a search tool

Access by Referrer Sites: access by websites not belonging to the same group as the website on which the visit is carried out

Access by E-mail: access made from webmail

Access by Awareness: access by declaration in the search engines of the company name or of its products/services

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