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Internet visits from mobile telephony:
behaviours, themes, brands

This study presents the behavioural specificities between the Internet visits carried out via a mobile telephony network and those generated by other types of connections.
  • Study conducted from to 17 to 23 September 2007
  • Perimeter of 98,249 websites (including 192 mobiles)
Mobile telephony: Internet visits two times faster

Over the week of 17 to 23 September 2007, more than two thirds of the web visits carried out via a mobile telephony network are visits to a single page vs. 41% for the other types of connection (desktop/portable PC, video game consoles).


If one only considers the visits to one page, the Internet users who went to Internet sites via a mobile telephony network see on average half a page more per visit than those who have chosen another mode of connection: 10.4 vs. 9.9 pages.


On the other hand, the Internet visits to more than one page made on a mobile telephone are a lot shorter. They last on average 4 minutes 35 seconds vs. 8 minutes 58 seconds for the visits made with another type of connection.

If one brings this data back to the time spent on a page viewed, which represents: 26 seconds for a connection via a mobile telephony network and 54 seconds for the other connection supports. An Internet user navigating on websites via his mobile telephone thus spends 2 times less time per page viewed than the Internet user using a PC or a video game console.


With these behavioural differences (large proportion of visits to a single page, visit durations markedly lower for connection via a mobile telephone), several hypotheses can be put forward: a less dense content of mobile websites’ pages can mechanically play on the reading duration, higher connection fees and a less than optimal reading comfort that would not incite the Internet user to browse… for a, finally, more targeted use of mobile websites.

Nearly 90% of Internet visits from mobile telephony are made on websites dealing with current events, new technologies or sports/video games

Over the week of 17 to 23 September 2007, 88.1% of Internet visits via a mobile telephony network were made in these three themes:

  • Current events – Media: 39.4% of the visits, vs. 11.7% for the other Internet connections,
  • New Technologies: 32.5% of the visits, which is very close to the other connection supports (33.6%),
  • Sports – Video games – Games of chance: 16.2% of the visits (vs. 8.4% for the other Internet connections)


Large domination of SAMSUNG within the mobile telephony Internet visits

43.8% of mobile telephony Internet visits are to be attributed to the Samsung brand over the week of 17 to 23 September 2007. Nokia arrives in second place with 14.2% of the visits and Sony Ericsson follows closely with 12.9%. These three brands thus make up over 70% of the mobile telephony Internet visits.

Sagem (8.7%) and LG (3.5%) come to complete this leading trio.


The mobile telephony Internet visits reflect a specific behaviour: a lot more visits to a single page, much quicker visits and an overrepresentation of visits to current events and sports/video games websites, compared to the other connection types.

The Samsung brand establishes once again its position of leader on this market, followed from a distance by Nokia and Sony Ericsson.

Methodology :

Rate of entering visits: it concerns the ratio between the total number of visits and the number of visits to more than one page.

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