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Hit Parade of Internet Service Providers

Just as in May 2006, the operator France Telecom/Orange retains its leading position with 48.6% of visits generated. Free follows a long way behind with (20.3%) and Neuf/Cegetel (10.1%)
  • Study conducted from 12/11 to 12/17/2006
  • Perimeter of 5,189 web sites

Four fifths of Internet visits divided among three operators: France Telecom/Orange, Free and Neuf Cegetel

The eight main Internet Service Providers generated 98.2% of Internet visits for the week of December 11 to 17, 2006 (ex-undetermined ISPs, see the methodology heading for more details).

The leader, France Telecom/Orange counted for close to half of the visits (48.6%) and progressed in relation to the week of May 15 to 21, 2006. Free also progressed and confirmed its number two position with 20.3% of visits, with Neuf Cegetel arriving in 3rd position. The recent consolidation of Neuf and Cegetel did not appear to have a positive impact as yet, as the operator's share of visits decreased in comparison to May 2006: 10.1% from December 11 to 17, 2006 versus 12.2% from May 15 to 21, 2006.

Of the remaining 21% of visits, in order, 19% were realized with Alice, Club Internet, Noos Numericable, AOL and Télé 2; they maintained their rankings in relation to the week of May 15 to 21, 2006. Growth in share for Alice and Club Internet, while Noos Numericable, also a recent merger, and Télé 2 experienced a downwards trend.


France Telecom/Orange: increasingly present in the business world

The leader, France Telecom/Orange achieved higher performance during the week (Monday to Friday), with 50.7% of visits, than on the weekend, with 42.1% of visits (a gap of 8 points). It therefore remains the preferred ISP for professionals.

The share of visits of the other operators, and in particular Free, was higher on the weekend, as individuals seem to prefer them proportionally:


Noos Numericable and Neuf Cegetel: longer visits than the average

The average length of entering Internet visits (more than one page) for the week of December 11 to 17, 2006 was 7 minutes and 55 seconds.

Visits with Noos Numericable and Neuf Cegetel lasted somewhat longer than the average: respectively +5% and +6%. The length of the entering visits of all of the other main operators was very similar to the average, with the exception of Télé 2, which was lower than 5%.

Various hypotheses can be elaborated in terms of the differences in length of entering visits: speed that varies from one ISP to another, distinct Internet user populations in relation to the ISPs who do not necessarily have the same points of interest or ease of use with Internet …


France Telecom/Orange still leads by a large margin in the Internet service provider market and has not yet been challenged despite the mergers of some operators (Neuf and Cegetel, Noos and Numericable).

Will the launch of Darty Box change the market? Find out more in our next Monitor study ...

Methodology :

For the study period (week of 11/12/2006 to 17/12/2006), the ISP is undetermined for 29% of the visits. This share relates to ISPs of a foreign origin and private corporate networks.

The average length of the visits is calculated based on the entering visits (visits of more than one page) and not non-entering visits. It does not account for the time spent on the last page visited (OJD standard).

* The “others” category includes the following ISPs: Chello, Easynet, Estvideo, Nerim, Nordnet, Clara, Outremer Telecom, Magic Online, Oreka, FreeSurf, Fontier, InterPC.

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