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Operating Systems:
Mac OS exceeds a 4% of visit share

During the last six months, although Vista continues to gain momentum, Windows dropped a half point in its visit share, a fallback that benefited its main competitors Mac OS and Linux.
  • Survey conducted from January 1, 2007 to April 30, 2008
  • Perimeter of 170,222 websites
Nearly 16 visits out of every 100 for the Vista operating system

Now 15 months after its general release, the Windows Vista operating system continues, little by little, to gain ground, hitting a 15.8% of visit share in April 2008.

Its monthly visit trend is a fairly consistent one, pretty much gaining a point every month:


What are the consequences of Vista's gains on the visit share of the other Windows versions?

The visit shares of the various versions of Windows within the total visit share by this family of operating systems are shown below.

Out of 100 Windows visits, 16.7 were done through Vista in April 2008 vs. 3.8 in May 2007, i.e. a little more than four times more.

During this same one year period, the Windows XP’s visit share out of all Windows visits fell by 10 points:

  • Consequently, Windows XP generated 79.6% of Windows visits in April 2008 compared with 89.9% in May 2007,

  • Despite this fallback, this version of Windows remains far and away the most used version of Windows.

Out of all Windows family visits, the share by versions other than XP all show a fallback over the year, except for Windows 2003 with a share that is actually rising (albeit from a very low base):

  • Windows 2000 represented 1.86% of Windows visits in April 2008 vs. 3.11% in May 2007,

  • Windows 98: represented 0.50% of Windows visits in April 2008 vs. 1.35% in May 2007,

  • Windows Millennium: 0.21% of Windows visits in April 2008 vs. 0.50% in May 2007,

  • Windows 2003: 0.52% of Windows visits in April 2008 vs. 0.45% in May 2007.


As we observed in our survey in January and based on the latest trend data below, Vista's rise is not reinforcing Windows' overall position…

During the last six months, Mac OS and Linux gained a half point share of visits from Windows

The first quarter of 2008 did not do anything to change the hierarchy among operating systems. Windows more than dominates with 94.5% of visits during April 2008, way ahead of Mac OS (4%) and Linux (1%).


However, and starting as early as the summer of 2007, it is the challengers that have been more dynamic…

As a result, while Windows’ visit share fell during the last six months, those of Linux and especially Mac OS visits rose:

  • A 4.04% of visit share for Mac OS in April 2008, up +0.34 points over November 2007. Its share has risen every month since November (with a very marked rise in January) thanks always to its Intel version X. Mac OS X iPhone, that hit the market at the end of 2007, remains discreet with a share of visits of 0.05% in April 2008,

  • 0.98% for Linux in April 2008 (vs. 0.88% in November 2007: +0.10 points), just missing the 1% mark after exceeding this level for the first time in February (1.07%),

  • 94.45% for Windows in April 2008 vs. 94.97% in November 2007: -0.52 points. The leader lost ground every month except in March 2008.

The rest of the market changed little:

  • Games consoles are in fourth place with 0.10% of visits in April 2008: 0.06% for PS3 which has rising slightly since December 2007, 0.03% for PSP and lastly, 0.02% for Wii.

  • Winding up this barometer: Unix and Os/2 with a 0.01% of visit share.


With a 16% of visit share in April 2008, Windows Vista has not yet convinced most Windows users. Windows has also lost ground since the summer of 2007, music to the ears of Mac OS and Linux.

The delayed release of Windows Seven, initially scheduled for the second half of 2009 and apparently now postponed until 2012 will perhaps leave more time for Vista to make a name for itself…

Check back with XiTi Monitor during the coming months to see how operating systems evolve.


This survey of operating systems was conducted on French-speaking websites.

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