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Operating Systems:
Vista has not achieved the popularity of older brother XP

Nearly 2 years after the launch of Windows Vista, the results are less stellar than those of Windows XP based on a comparison of their respective share of visits over an equivalent period following the launch… This shows that Vista's growth has been rather hesitant in a global context where heavyweight Windows has even tended to lose ground to Linux and Mac OS.
  • Study conducted from January 1, 2007 to August 31, 2008
  • Perimeter of 183,256 websites audited by XiTi
19 months after their respective launches: 1 out of 5 Windows visits were for Vista, where XP had already achieved more than 1 out of 3

19 months after its launch to the general public, the Windows Vista operating system posted a 19% share of visits in August 2008.

Vista has been making visible progress from one month to the next, except for June 2008, when its share of monthly visits dropped for the 1st time (16.5% vs. 16.8% in May 2008).


Let's see how the other versions of Windows are doing in terms of share of visits as Vista catches on. The share of visits for each of the versions of Windows in relation to visits for the entire operating system family is represented below.

Out of 100 visits with Windows, 20.3 were with Vista in August 2008 vs. 8.1 in May 2007, in other words, 2.5 times as many. Over the same one-year period, the share of visits with Windows XP out of all visits with Windows dropped by 10 points: Windows XP generated 76.1% of Windows visits in August 2008, compared with 86.7% in September 2007.

Of all visits for the Windows family, the share of versions other than XP dropped across the board over one year, except for Windows 2003 whose share (highly confidential) is still rising:

  • Windows 2000 represented 1.67% of Windows visits in August 2008 vs. 2.74% in September 2007

  • Windows 98: 0.38% of Windows visits in August 2008 vs. 0.94% in September 2007

  • Windows Millennium: 0.16% of Windows visits in August 2008 vs. 0.37% in September 2007

  • Windows 2003: 0.87% of Windows visits in August 2008 vs. 0.42% in September 2007


In the end, XP is still clearly ahead of Vista in visits with Windows. Furthermore, if we compare their respective launches, XP was adopted much more quickly than Vista, as the graph below demonstrates with its illustration of XP and Vista's shares of Windows visits 19 months after their respective launches. After 19 months on the market for operating systems, XP was used for 37.7% of Windows visits versus 20.3% for Vista – less by almost half.


Windows Vista is hardly exploding onto the market… and is therefore not helping to further consolidate the position of Windows, which is continuing to lose ground.

Good showing for Linux, which has achieved a 1.16% share of visits

With 93.6% of visits in August 2008, Windows still reigns supreme on the market for operating systems. Mac OS (4.1%) is still in second place, followed by Linux (1.2%).


For more than a year now, however, the challengers have been posing more of a threat.

While Windows' share of visits has been dropping over the past six months (-0.97 point), Mac OS and especially Linux are picking up the slack:

  • 1.16% of visits with Linux in August 2008, putting Linux over the 1% threshold with a gain of 0.21 point in 4 months, from March to June 2008, before stabilizing over the summer

  • 4.10% of visits with Mac OS in August 2008, for an increase of +0.08 point over March 2008. Its share rose from March through June before stabilizing. The X Intel version of Mac OS is continuing to expand while Mac OS X iPhone, which arrived on the market at the end of 2007, remains small but has tripled its share of visits in 6 months: 0.15% in August vs. 0.05% in March 2008.

The rest of the market is relatively stable:

  • Consoles ranked 4th with 0.11% of visits in August 2008: 0.05% for the PS3, 0.04% for the PSP and finally 0.02% for the Wii.

  • Finally, Unix and Os/2, with 0.01% in share of visits, round out the rankings.


Windows Vista, with "only" 1 out of 5 Windows visits in August 2008, is having a very hard time catching on. While this is not doing much for Windows, Linux and Mac OS are taking advantage of the opportunity to gain a bit of ground.

Keep watching XiTi Monitor over the coming months to track the evolution of operating systems.


This study on operating systems was performed on French-language websites.

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