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Operating systems :
Windows Vista still low-visibility

Although Windows XP still castes a shadow over the other OS, Windows Vista professional version is making an unobtrusive entrance onto the market.
  • Study carried out from 11/01/06 to 30/01/07
  • Perimeter of 112,927 websites
During January 2007, Windows, the most widely used OS, also showed a rise in entering visits

The Windows operating system continues to leave hardly any room for its competitors with a share of visits of 95.6% during January 2007.

No change, either, in the second and third places with Mac OS (3.2% of visits) and Linux (0.7% of visits).


In terms of the interest of the visits, Windows is still in front… it shows the best proportion of entering visits (i.e. visits to more than one page): 60%, followed by Mac OS at 58%. Linux is falling back on this indicator (51%). Surfers using Windows also view more additional pages per entering visit than Mac OS or Linux users: 10.3 for Windows vs 9.1 for Mac OS and 9.2 for Linux. On the other hand, the average duration of visits is almost equal for Windows and Mac OS (8 minutes 26 seconds and 8 minutes 14 seconds) but higher for Linux: 9 minutes 21 seconds.


The first signs of Windows Vista: 0.18% share of visits in January 2007

The shares of visits for the leading three operating systems were stable during the last 3 months:
  • 95.6% for Windows in January 2007 vs 95.7% in November 2006
  • 3.2% for Mac OS in January 2007 vs 3.1% in November 2006
  • 0.73% pour Linux in January 2007 vs 0.76% in November 2006

The other, minority operating systems used for visits (consoles, Os/2, Unix…) are also maintaining their user shares.

The Windows XP version, which dominates the market, continues to gain ground: + 1 point in share of visits between November 2006 and January 2007, and has reached 87.8%.

The Windows Vista version, available to professionals since 30 November 2006 and to the general public since 30 January 2007, is still in its early beginnings: 0.11% share of visits in November 2006, 0.18% in January 2007.


In the graph below, we see the growth in the share of visits by Windows Vista between 1st and 30 January 2007.

The new Windows version has not yet invaded the professional market, having made little progress in the last 30 days: 0.16% share of visits on 1st January, 0.24% on 30 January 2007:


The public launch of Windows Vista, was much vaunted in the media (special advertisement screening on TF1, presented by Flavie Flament, before the 20:50 programme of Tuesday 30 January). Will surfers be persuaded to quickly adopt this new operating system the simplicity and game-like appearance of which are so much emphasised?

Join us on XiTi Monitor in the coming months to follow these developments.


The data for the month of January 2007 do not include the 31st.

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