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Operating systems:
Windows Vista enters the picture

Windows reigns supreme in the operating systems market, and the arrival of its new version Vista seems to be reinforcing this hegemony yet further.
  • Survey from 11/1/2006 and 18/03/2007
  • Perimeter of 121 388 websites
Windows Vista starts to besiege the Web: 1.73% of visits six weeks after its public launch

The Windows Vista version, available to professionals since 30th November 2006, was launched to the general public on Tuesday 30 January with much publicity: a special advertising screen on TF1 presented by Flavie Flament before the 20:50 programme.

Has this launch, the subject of so much media attention focusing on the simplicity and the recreational aspect of Vista, borne fruit? Be that as it may, this new operating system is seeing its share of visits increasing from day to day…

In the graph below, we thus find the daily growth in Windows Vista’s share of visits from 1 January to 18 March 2007, which shows a constant increase since the end of January:

  • 0.24% on Tuesday 30 January 2007, the day of its launch to private individuals,
  • 1.73% on Tuesday 13 March 2007,
  • reaching 2.41% on Sunday 18 March 2007

These peaks in Vista’s share of visits at the weekend reflect, for the moment, levels of usage of this new operating system that are proportionally more personal than professional.


Windows still unbeatable in share of visits during February 2007

No change at the top of the operating systems pyramid: Windows still largely dominates this market with a 95.7% share of visits for February 2007 (95.6% for January 2007).

Nor is there any surprise in terms of its two main competitors who basically share the remaining visits: Mac OS is therefore second with 3.2% of visits during February 2007, and Linux is third with 0.7%.


In terms of the interest in visits during February 2007, Windows is not always number 1…

The operating system Os/2 shows the top rate of arriving visits (visits to more than one page) at 64%.

  • Windows is second with 62%,

  • Followed by Mac OS with 58%

  • Linux is once more poorly placed in terms of this indicator (51%)

Windows is nevertheless top of the list thanks to the number of pages viewed per arriving visit. In fact, Windows users view one page more per arriving visit (9.6) than Mac OS users (8.6) or Linux (8.4).

On the other hand, the average duration of visits is practically the same for Windows and Mac OS (8 minutes 13 seconds and 8 minutes 11 seconds), but higher for Linux: 9 minutes 06 seconds. The longest visits are those made via consoles: 9 minutes 44 seconds.


In terms of groups of operating systems, Windows’ share of visits has been stable for the past four months, while Mac OS is gaining ground, unlike Linux:

  • 95.7% for Windows in February 2007 as in November 2006

  • 3.20% for Mac OS in February 2007 as against 3.12% in November 2006 (+2.6% in share of visits)

  • 0.71% for Linux in February 2007 as against 0.76% in November 2006 (-6.6% in share of visits)

In the shorter term, from January to February 2007, Windows’ usage share increased (95.73% as against 95.64%) in favour of its new Vista version:

  • 0.92% share of visits for Vista in February 2007 as against 0.19% in January 2007

  • Windows XP remains by far the most heavily used version on the market with 87.6% of visits


In what proportion and at what speed will the Windows Vista operating system continue to grow?

Visit XiTi Monitor during the coming months to follow developments.

The data for January 2007 published in our previous survey did not include the 31st, as we specified in the section on methodology (in order to publish the survey during the week of Vista’s launch to the public).

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