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Operating systems:
In spite of Vista’s growth, Mac OS gets out of a tight spot when faced with Windows

If Windows Vista knows growth since the beginning of the year 2007, the visit share of the Windows family on the totality of the operating systems is in slight decline for the three months…
  • Survey carried out from January 1st to May 31, 2007
  • Perimeter of 124,659 websites
Since May 2007, Windows Vista is used more than Windows 2000

Available since the end of November 2006 for professionals and since the end of January 2007 for the general public, Windows Vista is establishing itself little by little on the operating systems market.

In the graph below, you will find the monthly evolutions from January to May 2007 of Windows Vista’s visit share, which is approaching 4% at a great pace:

  • 0.19% in January 2007
  • 0.92% in February 2007: +0.73 point compared with January, month of its general public release
  • 1.90% in March 2007: + 0.98 point compared with February
  • 2.85% in April 2007: + 0.95 point compared with March
  • 3.66% in May 2007: +0.81 point compared with April.


What are the repercussions of the arrival of Vista on the share of the other versions of Windows?

The graph below presents the visit shares of the different Windows versions within the visits of this operating system’s family.

The most used version, Windows XP, sees its visit share on the totality of the Windows visits diminish between January and May 2007:

  • Windows XP thus attains 89.9% of the Windows visits in May 2007 vs. 91.8% in January 2007.

Out of the totality of the visits of the Windows family, the share of the versions other than XP all diminish, with the exception of Windows 2003, over the 5 last months:

  • Windows 98 attains 1.35% of the Windows visits in May 2007 vs. 1.89% in January 2007

  • Windows Millennium: 0.50% of the Windows visits in May 2007 vs. 0.64% in January 2007

  • Windows 2000: 3.11% of the Windows visits in May 2007 vs. 4.10% in January 2007. Thus, since May 2007, Windows Vista’s visit share overtakes that of Windows 2000: 3.83% of the visit share for Vista (2.99% in April 2007) vs. 3.11% for Windows 2000 (3.30% in April 2007).


Mac OS “nibbles” a bit of ground for 3 months faced with the all-powerful Windows

The leading trio of operating systems for May 2007 is loyal to that of the previous months: the very clear leader Windows acknowledges a visit share of 95.4%, while Mac OS is second with 3.5% of the visits and Linux third with 0.8% of the visits.


At the family level of operating systems, the visit share of Windows is in slight decline since March 2007, whereas Linux and above all Mac OS gain ground:

  • 95.39% for Windows in May 2007 vs. 95.73% in February 2007 (-0.34 point in visit shares)

  • 3.49% for Mac OS in May 2007 vs. 3.20% in February 2007 (+0.29 point), a progression due to its X Intel version. It is interesting to note that in May 2007, Vista’s visit share (3.66%) overtakes that of Windows 2000 (seen in the previous part) but also that of Mac OS

  • 0.79% for Linux in May 2007 vs. 0.71 in February 2007 (+0.08 point).

The consoles arrive fourth with 0.07% of the visits in May 2007: 0.03% for the PSP, 0.02% for the Wii and also 0.02% for the PS3.


If the use of Windows Vista is developing since its release in order to reach 4% of the visit share in May 2007 and thus outstrip Windows 2000 or even Mac OS, the usage share of the Windows family is none-the-less in slight decline over the last three months, principally to the benefit of Mac OS.

Rendezvous in the coming months on XiTi Monitor in order to follow this trend.


This survey on operating systems was carried out on the francophone websites.

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