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Search engine barometer – April 2008
Google set to take control again

This barometer is published every month to follow the main trends in search engine visit share. Below is the barometer of April 2008.
  • Study conducted from April 1 to 30, 2008
  • Perimeter of 91,322 websites
TOP 5: Live Search and AOL up on last year despite the invasive Google

There are no surprises in the top 5 search engines in April 2008: Google, with 90.01% of visits, leaves little place for Yahoo! (3.04%), Live Search (2.53%), AOL (1.59%) and Orange (1.39%):


Over one year, Google increases its share of visits by 1 point:

  • 90.01% of visits in April 2008 compared to 89% in April 2007,
  • With a recovery in April 2008 after a slight decrease in its share of visits in the 1st quarter 2008, Google again surpasses the 90% barrier.

Out of its 4 main competitors, AOL and Live Search manage to gain ground over this same period:

  • +0.88 points between April 2007 and April 2008 for AOL’s share of visits (which uses Google technology), with very good progress in January 2008. Between March and April 2008, its share was stable.

  • +0.18 points for Live Search over one year, with a drop between March (2.59%) and April 2008 (2.53%).

The situation is less rosy for Yahoo! and Orange:

  • After a slight improvement in February and March 2008, Yahoo! still has the greatest decline over one year with -0.42 points in share of visits,

  • Orange, whose share of visits has been dropping since summer 2007, records a loss of 0.37 points over one year.


TOP 15: arrival of Excite, the only search engine to progress in April, along with Seznam and Google

Free, Alice, Ask, Virgilio and Altavista are respectively ranked 6 to 10 in the top 15 of search engines in April 2008. This classification is rounded out with Exalead, Voilà, Lycos, Seznam and lastly Excite, which arrived in fifteenth position with a share of visits of 0.03%.


The highest increase in terms of points goes to Google this month, but Excite has the biggest increase in terms of percentage of share of visits:

  • +0.26 points for Google between March and April 2008,
  • +46% for Excite (proportional to its share of visits of 0.03%),
  • A slight increase also for Seznam: +1.4%.

Orange has the largest decline in points this month: -0.1 points between March and April 2008. In proportion to their share of visits, Ask (-8.8%) and Voilà (-7.8%) have the biggest decrease.

Faced with the dominating Google, Live Search and AOL are nonetheless managing to play their cards right. The same cannot be said for Yahoo! and especially Orange, which has been losing ground from one month to the next recently.

XiTi Monitor will provide the latest search engine developments next month.


This search engine barometer was conducted on French-speaking Websites.

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