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Search engine barometer – January 2008
Noteworthy beginning of the year for AOL

This barometer is published every month in order to follow the principal evolutions of the search engines’ visit shares. You will find below the one for the month of January 2008.
  • Study conducted from January 1 to 31, 2008
  • Perimeter of 89,528 websites
TOP 5: AOL makes its entrance

AOL joins the top 5 search engines of January 2008, and thus dethrones Free from its 5th place with a visit share of 1.54%. Google remains stable above 90% of visit share (90.03%), still very far in front of Yahoo! (2.88%), Live Search (2.49%) and Orange (1.56%):


Over a one-year view, Google shows an increase of more than 2 points of its visit share:

  • 90.03% of the visits in January 2008 vs. 87.77% in January 2007,

  • With none-the-less a drop of 0.8 points between December 2007 and the 1st month of 2008.

Among its 4 principal competitors, AOL and Live Search manage to gain ground over this same period even if their shares remain very modest:

  • AOL’s visit share gains 0.84 points between January 2007 and January 2008, via its very strong increase over the past month: 0.47% of the visits in December 2007 vs. 1.54% in January 2008. The effect of its sustained partnership policy, notably with Neuf Cegetel? It is also important to point out that this search engine barometer corresponds to the search engines visible to the Internet users during their searches and not to the search engine technologies used, because behind AOL hides the search engine Google…

  • +0.19 points for Live Search over one year, but the engine is lagging behind since November 2007.

Yahoo!’s real fall:

  • Yahoo! shows the strongest drop over one year with -1.14 points in visit share,

  • As for Orange, it loses 0.61 points over one year.


TOP 15: with that of AOL, only the visit share of Seznam is green for January

Free, Alice, Ask, AltaVista and Virgilio achieve respectively the 6th to 10th places of the honors list of search engines in January 2008. This honors list is completed by Voilà, Exalead, Seznam, Lycos and la Toile du Québec, all under the threshold of 0.1% of visit share.


Faced with AOL’s dynamics in this month of January 2008, only the Czech search engine Seznam also shows an increase and thus enters into the top 15:

  • Seznam, whose visit share is still very much in the minority (0.05%), is rising from 35.8% compared with December 2007,

  • Increase quite relative compared with that of AOL whose visit share is multiplied by more than 3.

Whereas the greatest drops of this month are to be attributed to Toile du Québec (-25.2%) and to Lycos (-16.6%).


AOL makes an arrival in force into the top 5… Will it continue to forge ahead in February?

Rendezvous next month on XiTi Monitor for the latest evolutions of the search engines.

Methodology :

This search engine barometer is conducted on the francophone websites.

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