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Search engine barometer – June 2007
MSN, only search engine in the top 5 that resists Google

This barometer is published every month in order to follow the principal evolutions of the visit shares of the search engines. You will find below the one for the month of June 2007.
  • Study conducted from to June 1 to 30, 2007
  • Perimeter of 84,038 websites
TOP 5: nothing seems to stop the Google machine...

The search engine honors list in visit shares for June 2007 is loyal to that of the previous month. Google, with 89.53% of the visits, only leaves a little place for its competitors Yahoo! (3.19%), MSN (2.30%), Orange (1.81%) and Free (0.77%):


Like last month, Google continues to gain ground in June 2007:

  • 89.53% of the visits in June 2007 vs. 89.33% in May 2007 (+0.21 points),

  • Compared with June 2006, Google’s share has thereby progressed 3.7 points in one year.

Whereas the 4 other principal search engines all show a declining visit share over the last 13 months:

  • The greatest reduction is for Yahoo with -1.25 points (June 2007 vs. June 2006),

  • -0.53 points for MSN, the only search engine out of the 4 to be nonetheless in progression between May and June 2007: 2.30% in visit shares vs. 2.22%,

  • -0.48 points for Orange,

  • -0.18 points for Free, who shows the sharpest decline of the top 5 in June 2007: - 0.07 points vs. May 2007.


TOP 15: MSN, Virgilio and Ask, only survivors this month when faced with leader

AOL, Alice, who this month are ahead of Club Internet, Voilà and Altavista occupy the 6th to 10th places of the honors list of search engines. They are followed by Virgilio, Exalead, Ask, 9Online and Lycos who, all five of them, have visit shares inferior to 0.1 points.


Among this top 15, only 3 search engines, besides Google, see their visit shares progress in June 2007:

  • MSN with +3.6% vs. May 2007 thereby allow themselves a more significant evolution than Google proportionally to their respective visit shares,

  • Virgilio: +12.3% between May and June 2007,

  • Ask: +13.7% between May and June 2007.


The 11 other search engines of this top 15 are therefore in decline, particularly Voilà (-16.3%), Club Internet (-13.7%) and Free (-8.5%).

How far will Google go? …

Rendezvous next month on XiTi Monitor for the latest evolutions of the search engines.


This search engine barometer is conducted on the francophone websites.

For the evolution over 13 months, we do not have data for Orange for the month of June 2006, which explains why the curve concerning this search engine begins in July 2006. The evolution over one year is therefore calculated as follows: June 2007 vs. July 2006, and not vs. June 2006 like for the other search engines.

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