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Search engine barometer – March 2008
Orange falls even farther behind

This barometer is published every month in order to track the principal trends in search engine visit share. Here is our report for March 2008.
  • Study conducted March 1-31, 2008
  • Perimeter of 90,917 websites
Top 5: Yahoo!, Live Search and AOL continued to whittle away at the leader's share, but Google remained invincible.

In March 2008, Yahoo! and Live Search confirmed their February trends, reinforcing their second and third spots in the top 5 search engines: 3.07% of visits for Yahoo!, 2.59% for Live Search. AOL followed suit in fourth place: 1.59% of search engine visits in March 2008, for a gain of 0.04 points over February.

On the other hand, Orange, with the last slot in the top 5, continued to slip, dropping to 1.50% of search engine visits.

Google, still dominating massively with 89.75% of visits in March 2008, was nevertheless 0.22 points below its February figure.



The trend over the past year (March 2008 vs. March 2007)

  • Google gained 1.33 points over the period, despite its more recent loss of 1.08 points between December 2007 and March 2008,

  • Live Search and AOL (the latter based on Google's search technology) gained 0.23 and 0.92 points respectively,

  • However, Yahoo! (-0.52 points) and Orange (-0.53 points) both show negative one-year trends. And although Yahoo! has been making up for its losses over the last two months, Orange has not.


XiTi Monitor will be back next month with an updated analysis of search engine visits.


This search engine barometer uses data collected on French-language websites.

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