Trump: “We’re not doing business with Huawei. It is a national security issue”. Huawei’s fate is even more uncertain!

Just weeks before the launch of Huawei’s most powerful smartphone, the new Mate 30 Pro, which should demonstrate the new capabilities of the Kirin 990 chipset, US President Donald Trump makes a shocking statement that will have negative effects in the near future on the Chinese telecom company. Trump says he will “not do business with Huawei,” the company’s fate not being taken into account in China’s trade talks.

Donald Trump made the new statements about Huawei at a White House press conference, being asked about this situation:

“It is a national security issue. Huawei is a cause for concern for our military, intelligence agencies and we do not do business with Huawei. We’ll see what’s going on with China, but Huawei is not one of the players we will include in the talks, or we want to talk about now.”

The new US position on Huawei contradicts the latter a few months ago, in which Trump said he would allow companies to sell technologies to the company after the G20 congress. Shortly, a licensing program was launched for US companies, but none was granted, despite the registration of 130 companies, including Google.

Google has recently confirmed that it will not be able to offer Google’s operating system to Huawei in the future. This situation affects the launch of Mate 30 devices in the west, where they are dependent on Google Play Services and the Google Play Store. In China, Huawei software did not include these features anyway, so launching in that region would not be affected.

The latest rumors say that Huawei will unveil the new Mate 30 phones on September 19, without mentioning an official release date for Europe. It is likely that the current plan is to wait until the US makes a final decision on Huawei business. The company was included on the Entity List in May and has already received two 90-day extensions of the time period when sanctions begin.

Until November 19, the company can buy technologies and services from American companies for the products it launched before this situation. All products that have not been licensed by that date will be affected, and smartphones and tablets that were not in a certification stage will be delivered without Google’s version of Android. However, the company can ship with the “own” Android, developed based on the AOSP variant and with the EMUI interface, but with exclusive access to the Huawei App Gallery.

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