The Benefits of Consuming Food Supplements

Dietary supplements (also called health supplements) are products that we consume that work as a supplement to our regular diet. The nutrients that a person needs to have a healthy body and to prevent diseases may not be enough from the daily diet alone.

Food supplements and their use:

  • Calcium supplements. They are taken to meet the body’s calcium needs for stronger bones and teeth.
  • Fish Oil Supplements. They are taken to prevent certain diseases, especially heart and blood system diseases.
  • Zinc supplements are beneficial for the growth of young children, strengthening the immune system and preventing many other diseases.
  • Multivitamins are taken for hair and nail growth, skin and complexion care. Here you can find the top vitamins reviewed daily.
  • Vitamin C supplements are taken for collagen production and for a more robust immune system.
  • Other dietary supplements made from different ingredients help with weight loss, depression, mood disorders, etc.

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of health supplements:


  • Consuming supplements is recommended when you are not getting the necessary nutrients and vitamins from your daily diet.
  • Many people live in areas where not all types of food may be available. The use of these nutritional supplements can satisfy the nutritional needs of a healthy body.
  • Vegetables, fish and fruits are grown artificially, using pesticides in their cultivation and growth. These harmful chemicals reduce the original nutrients of food.


  • Dietary supplements help maintain the levels of nutrients and vitamins the body needs to be healthy, but they do not replace a balanced diet. It is always better to consume, in parallel, foods that contain the necessary nutrients and vitamins naturally.
  • Combining supplements with other prescribed medications can be harmful to your health. It is always recommended to take supplements in combination with other prescribed medications, only on the advice of a medical expert.

It is always recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet to prevent diseases. Although supplements can help meet nutritional needs, they cannot provide the benefits of a balanced diet.

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