Why You Should Consider a Dedicated Server

ADedicated Server is a computer with special characteristics configured to provide specialized services to a company. This server could be a computer purchased by the company or leased to another for an annuity or monthly payments.

If the company chooses to buy it, the administration of all the server resources falls on the administrator of the local network. Of course, this option entails a significant investment in the short term, since you will have to buy the equipment and prepare the necessary infrastructure: adequate electrical installation, energy backup, cooling system, and site security. It also requires planning the long-term expenses, such as: maintenance, equipment depreciation, and future updating, the expense of the electricity bill, etc. If cloud services will be offered, add up the payment of adequate bandwidth. Like everything, it has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of operating expenses.

The other option for Dedicated Servers is to rent it from a company. Normally, Web Hosting providers also offer you these services for fairly affordable prices, compared to those mentioned above in the purchase option. In this option, the Dedicated Server is located in a data center of the Web Hosting provider and they will be in charge of everything related to the physical care of the equipment and its maintenance. The client only receives the addresses and accounts necessary to access the server remotely to be able to work with it as if it were in front of the computer.


The difference between a Dedicated Server and a Virtual Server (VPS) is that the Dedicated puts at your disposal all the real resources of the server, while the VPSs are sharing with other virtual servers the resources of the central computer. VPS actually installs on a Dedicated Server and works like its guests.


A Dedicated Server offers you the following advantages:

  • Regardless of whether it is bought or rented from another company, the Dedicated Server is at the exclusive service of a single client.
  • The client has complete control of the machine, its resources, and applications; that is, you can install or uninstall what you think is best.
  • The client will take advantage of 100% of the server’s resources: CPU, RAM, hard disk space, bandwidth, and any characteristics.
  • It enables the client to ensure the quality of the services they will offer since they do not depend on the workload of any other client who could be “stealing” important resources.
  • Maintenance and update tasks can be carried out directly and without the need to coordinate with third parties.

Buying or leasing a Dedicated Server offers you many advantages, but we still have a question to answer.


We have been analyzing what a Dedicated Server is, how it works and what advantages it offers over VPS, but even so, you may still have the question: should you opt for a Dedicated Server instead of a shared service or a VPS for your business?

In order for you to make the best decision, you have to take into account several factors.

  • Web dependency.If the business systems are completely mounted on the internet and require constant access from a significant number of computers, perhaps you should opt for a Dedicated Server. It offers you greater security and all the physical resources will be at your disposal.
  • Importance of information.If the information of the company is of a delicate nature, the best thing would be to opt for your own Dedicated Server. But even if you choose to rent one, you are sure that no one will have access to the information, since the access codes and everything related to administrative tasks fall in the responsibility of the client. In addition, these types of servers make infinite options available for making security backups.
  • Virtualize multiple servers.Most medium / large type companies need several servers to carry out their activities: accounting, backups, document management, printing, website hosting, etc. A Dedicated Server offers you the possibility of virtualizing all those servers in a single computer.


Shared Web Hosting services are created on a Dedicated Server configured for that purpose.
A Dedicated Server installs an operating system and the necessary services to be able to offer Web Hosting clients their respective shared hosting keys.

The other option of Web Hosting is the rental of VPS for clients; In this case, a special operating system will be installed on the Dedicated Server for the virtualization of the VPS that will be rented independently.
Does all this mean that if you rent a Dedicated Server you can offer the rental service of shared hosting or VPS to third parties? That’s right; that and much more.

Most of the web pages are hosted on shared servers, clients rent a space on a server that manages the accounts of many clients who do not expect to have a lot of traffic on their website or who do not require more resources for their projects. Those servers spread their resources among the shared hosted accounts.

However, depending on the needs of the clients, some prefer not to share hosting with others and rent an exclusive server for their business. Perhaps a company needs to manage important information, requires a large amount of resources, or plans to install software to create more than just a web page. For that purpose, you will better opt for a Dedicated Server.

The dedicated hosting is definitely an excellent choice for medium / large enterprise that requires maximum performance and resource allocation. Analyze your needs and choose the best one for your company.

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