What Are the Benefits of Having a VPS Server?

In this article, we want to showcase the benefits of having a VPS server.

First, you must know that when acquiring a server, you have one of the following options:

  • shared server (shared hosting)
  • dedicated server (dedicated server hosting)
  • VPS server (virtual private server hosting)

We will focus our discussion on VPS servers.

A virtual server operation is halfway between shared servers and dedicated servers. This type of server has almost all the advantages of the latter but at a lower price. Its adaptability makes it one of the best options for any server size.

VPS servers overview

What differentiates the VPS server from shared or dedicated servers?

When acquiring a dedicated server, an entire physical server belongs to you. This is the best option for users who have a lot of traffic on their websites or need to configure their server in a very specific way.

Since not everyone needs to have an entire physical server for the operation of their website, the alternative is to acquire a part of the physical server rather than the entire machine and share it with other users.

Sharing options

  • Through a shared server in which the entire machine is shared among several people, with the same IP for all hosted websites and shared server features (such as memory and processor).
  • Different individualized portions of the physical machine are set using a VPS server software such as cPanel/WHM – which virtually scales the physical server into several software-controlled dedicated servers (each of them is a VPS). Each VPS has its own memory and does not share it with other sectors of the main server, even if they belong to it. The same goes for the IP, which will be individual for each VPS. There is also the possibility of having the operating system of your choice.

The advantages of VPS, as you can see, are the same as those of a dedicated server but on a smaller scale, and without any of the problems that a shared server may have.

If you are considering the option of renting a dedicated server but the cost is excessive or you are not sure if it is the best option for your website, then the VPS server option is the best alternative.

How does a VPS server work?

The virtual servers are created by virtual partitioning of a server. What is achieved with this is to have several small-scale dedicated servers running on the same computer. This achieves the advantages of having a smaller dedicated server at a fraction of the cost of a physical dedicated server.

What benefits does a VPS server have?

As already mentioned, personal or anonymous VPS servers come at reasonable and affordable prices, while offering good memory and processing power.

A VPS has a number of benefits that we will explain below:

  • It is totally private: with this type of server, since the IP is not shared as well as the operating system, there is no possibility that the rest of the websites shared on the physical server can see or access your files in any way.
  • You have complete control: after an installation it is usually necessary to restart the server. In the case of VPS, it can be restarted at any time without affecting the rest of the virtual servers installed on the physical server machine.
  • It is customizable: as with a dedicated server, it is possible to install your own operating system on a Windows or Linux VPS server. You can fully customize the applications and functions installed on the server such as MySQL, PHP, and Apache; thus, allowing them to adapt to the needs of the website.
  • It has dedicated resources: by having your own dedicated RAM, no other website with which you share the server can use your available memory space. So there will be no instability in bandwidth capacity.
  • It is easily scalable: due to the characteristics of this type of servers, it is easy and fast to increase the capacity at the time when it is necessary for your website. Likewise, if you do not need all the contracted capacity, it could be reduced as well.
  • Quality/price ratio is very good: due to the advantages offered by the VPS server, which are practically the same as a dedicated server but at a much lower price, along with its scalability options adapted to the needs of each user, this type of service is the best option for your website.

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