Galaxy Fold: Samsung’s First Foldable Phone [VIDEO]

Samsung introduced for the first time at a public event the new Galaxy Fold, its first foldable device. The queue to get our hands on this phone was long, but the wait was worth it, as we were able to satisfy our curiosity and make the first impression of this “weird” device.

From the first moment you hold your Galaxy Fold, you realize that this is not an “ordinary” mobile device. It seems to be built exclusively for those who know they will buy something completely new and are willing to make compromise just to have the latest technology on the market.

Among the small disadvantages, we could first mention the weight. Galaxy Fold weighs almost as much as a smartphone and a half, or as a normal phone and a portable battery. It’s not a big disadvantage, but Samsung probably didn’t necessarily try to reduce Fold’s weight for another reason. It seems to be very well built, like a luxury watch. The hinge seems to be very solid, and the metallic elements on the sides of the device, cold when touched, ensure the feeling of using a premium device.

The 4.6” front screen is a little disappointing. It is very narrow and surrounded by a very pronounced frame, its true purpose being likely to display the exact time and notifications, as in normal use it is very uncomfortable. A final dissatisfaction is a trace left permanently on the folding screen by the bending process, something that is currently impossible to bypass. When the screen is turned on and displays bright images, it is hard to see the trace, but on a black background, it is immediately visible when the light in that area is reflected. In ordinary use, it is not observed nor will it disturb to the touch.

Because we had very little time with the device, we could not test many of its new features, but we could “play” a bit with the new multitasking method. You can display up to three applications at a time, which can communicate with each other through drag & drop gestures, for example. It will be interesting to see what applications will perform special functions for this interface divided into three screens.

Samsung Galaxy Fold should already be available on the market in South Korea and should reach some of the most developed countries in the European Union in the coming weeks. At the moment, Samsung has not officially announced anything about the availability of Galaxy Fold in Eastern and Central Europe, but there is a big possibility that this model will not reach too soon, due to limited stocks. Samsung plans to sell one million Galaxy Fold units in the first 12 months worldwide, so this model will be treated as a limited-edition mobile device, not a mass-market phone.

Of course, this is also evident in the price; the phone will be available in Europe in a single hardware configuration, with 12 GB RAM and 512 GB storage space, at the price of 2,000 euros.

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