Hidden compromise: Apple had to choose between a faster iPhone 12 and 5G support

Apparently, current technologies do not reasonably allow the creation of a smartphone that offers both 5G connectivity and a screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz, leaving Apple with a difficult choice for the iPhone 12.

iPhone 5G, but not with all

Of course, a smartphone manufacturer less concerned with obtaining the perfect product: thin, relatively cheap to manufacture, and all possible features, would not have clung to the detail of a larger battery slipped into a slightly thicker case. But not Apple. iPhone 12 had to meet a number of very strict requirements to remain in the graces of buyers while generating the expected profit margins of Apple shareholders. This is how one of the popular features had to disappear, and that could not be 5G connectivity.

With a noticeable power consumption higher than 4G connectivity, the support for 5G networks would have led to an iPhone with too little autonomy, causing a real tsunami of negative publicity and controversy over the questionable choices made by Apple engineers. Instead, keeping the screen with a refresh rate at 60Hz will most likely go completely unnoticed by most buyers, only mobile gaming enthusiasts really noticing the difference. That is, unless Apple chose the middle ground, including support for the refresh rate at 120Hz as a feature used selectively, only when running certain iOS games that provide explicit support for this feature.

In addition, 5G technology is much easier to use in advertising campaigns than an almost obscure specification attached to the OLED screen. As a result, all versions of the iPhone 12 ready for launch this fall will have 5G connectivity – Apple even allowing itself the “arrogance” to include full support, even for the fastest 5G networks in the mmWave band.

Thus, it remains for Apple fans to discover the new iPhones with 5G and 120Hz screens, next year, enough time to prepare the necessary budget for the next upgrade to your favorite smartphone.


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