How long does the battery last on the iPhone 12, compared to the iPhone 11

According to the specifications provided by Apple, the iPhone 12 battery lasts up to 17 hours of video playback, as we have on the iPhone 11. More compact, the iPhone 12 mini is chosen with a smaller battery, which cuts about 2 hours of video autonomy.

Battery life is a very important aspect in choosing a smartphone, and when it is a premium phone the expectations are even higher. Problems arise when the desire of manufacturers to achieve a design as supple and attractive as possible conflicts with the limitations of other available technologies, the resulting solution is inevitably a compromise.

Fortunately for iPhone fans, Apple has multiple “levers” for managing battery consumption, from the very careful optimization of the iOS platform to the selection of hardware. Unlike other smartphone manufacturers, Apple is not completely at the mercy of component suppliers, imposing strict quality and efficiency requirements. Last but not least, Apple is developing its own smartphone chipsets, adapted to meet exactly the requirements of the finished product.

All four iPhone 12 models launched this year come with a new case design, which gives up the rounded edges in favor of a side frame that is reminiscent of the iPhone 4 series. The change is especially important in terms of efficiency, the case with straight edges can be exploited either to obtain a more compact phone or to slip larger components inside, such as a larger capacity battery. However, Apple has chosen not to further increase the autonomy brought to the iPhone 11 series, the promised figures remaining approximately the same for the iPhone 12, with one exception.

With dimensions comparable to the iPhone SE / 7/8 series, the new iPhone 12 mini offers video autonomy comparable to the iPhone XS Max series (15 hours) and two hours longer than the iPhone SE. How long does the battery last for the iPhone 12? Well, expectations are at the level set by the iPhone 11 – up to 17 hours of video autonomy.

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