Samsung Preparing Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Bloom Foldable Phone

After several weeks of speculation and rumors from all kinds of sources, we now have some more concrete information about Samsung’s plans in the very near future. The new details refer to the name that the company’s new mobile devices will carry, from the new foldable device we knew so far under the name Galaxy Fold 2, to the names of the new Galaxy S models, which will likely dominate the market over the next few years. The source of the new information is a “secret” meeting between Samsung and its partners held at CES, paving the way to the launching of the new phones.

Galaxy Bloom: A new type of foldable phone from Samsung

The meeting between Samsung representatives, led by the head of the mobile division, DJ Koh, first revealed the plans for the company’s second foldable phone. This model has until now been called “Galaxy Fold 2”, but this name has never been confirmed. In fact, being so different in design from the original model, it was hard to believe that this would really be the final name. Thus, we now find out that the real name of the phone is “Galaxy Bloom”.

Thus we have a first image that should confirm this name, this being hiddenly taken by one of those who participated in this event. Galaxy Bloom seems to be a smartphone geared specifically towards women; the name of the phone and also the design is made specifically for this target audience. It seems that the exterior was built to be similar in design to that of a mirror box and the main theme of the phone is the flower.

We don’t have much news on Galaxy Bloom hardware, but rumors of the past were talking about a configuration with Snapdragon 855, not 865. This will allow Samsung to bring the phone to market at a price of around 800 euros, at half price compared to the market competition – the Motorola Razr model, which is due to launch in January.

Galaxy Bloom will, however, use a plastic-coated screen, similar to the one on the Galaxy Fold, not glass, as it was originally rumored. It could also be one of the first phones to shoot at 8K resolution at 30 frames per second and could be released in both 4G and 5G versions.

Galaxy S20: A new name for a new decade

It seems that DJ Koh also talked a little about the new smartphones in the premium range, which he will officially announce on February 11th. It has thus confirmed to partners the name Galaxy S20 and that it will integrate three smartphones. These are the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The reason Samsung has chosen to switch from S10 to S20 is that we are entering a new decade of smartphones. This would be the eleventh generation of high-end smartphones and the fact that it coincided with the passage in 2020 seems to be a good opportunity for “a new beginning”.

In fact, the Galaxy S20 models may be some of the most different from the previous generations, after about 4 years of small differences between models, especially in terms of cameras. The Galaxy S20 smartphones are to be delivered with 108-megapixel cameras, hybrid and digital zoom up to 100x and capable of recording in 8K resolution. Of course, 5G capabilities are guaranteed, but there will also be models equipped with 4G modems only.

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