Nike Announces Adapt Huaraches – The First Sports Shoes You Can Ask to Lace and Unlace Themselves

Nike already has a tradition in making sports shoes with laces that automatically tighten, starting with the concept first presented in the movie Back to the Future. Following the Adapt BB model, launched in the spring, which offered the ability to control automatic laces through a mobile application, the company announced a new upgraded version of a classic design, which allows similar functionality. It’s Adapt Huaraches sports shoes that will allow control through the app, but also via voice commands on the iPhone through Siri.

Nike Adapt BB

The Nike Adapt Huaraches is a new running shoe model, inspired by the original Air Huaraches, which debuted in 1991. They are built using a neoprene construction and support exoskeleton, the difference being the lack of traditional laces and a new upgraded design. At the base of the shoe, Adapt Huaraches integrate a motor for automatic lacing, as well as an area that can be customized with RGB LEDs.

Using the smartphone app, Adapt Huaraches will be able to record multiple lash intensity profiles as well as different colors for each profile separately. Each profile can be dedicated to a specific use case. For example, when you run, the shoe may be tighter on the foot, while when you are at the office, or you want to relax, the laces may be loosened slightly for extra comfort.

Nike Adapt Huaraches

The Nike Adapt mobile app (Android link) is the same one that was used on the Nike Adapt BB shoes, now updated with support for Adapt Huaraches. It can provide quick control of shoe functions, but also provides information on battery status. The laces can be controlled for each shoe independently.

But the novelty is the support for shortcuts through Siri. You can set your own voice commands, which you can do from either iPhone or Apple Watch, to set user profiles without using the application directly. All you have to do is say Hey Siri and say the set command.

The Nike Adapt Huaraches launch will take place on September 13 on SNKRS, as well as in several US stores. The Adapt BB model, launched in the spring, has hit stores for $350, so the new Huaraches will probably cost about as much. In the case of Adapt BB, an update of the Nike Adapt for Android application made it impossible to connect to the shoes. Thus, some users could no longer use their shoes as they could no longer be controlled to tighten the laces.

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