The Best Apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad) in 2020

Do you want to know which are the best applications for iOS (iPhone, iPad) in 2020? As every year (we already did it in 2019), we are going to collect some of the best applications that we will have on our iPhone or iPad in 2020 – both paid and free apps.

We review both games and apps of all categories. From time to time, we will update this section. If you have an iPhone 8, an iPhone XS, iPhone 11, or an iPad Pro, you can’t miss this article, especially if you want apps to improve your productivity (or to play).

The continuous improvements in the Apple operating system (iOS), the increase in functionality, and hardware features of the iPhone, iPad Pro or iPad Air have allowed many applications to evolve and make our terminals useful, almost as if they were computers.

The games? Increasingly spectacular! Who needs a game console to play a quick game? In addition to a substantial improvement in the graphics, we can also see how the gameplay has improved. The applications are getting better and some are really intriguing, offering you functionalities that you would never have thought were possible.

The best of all? Many applications are free. Who says the Apple App Store does not offer free apps?

IOS application compatibility

Will these apps be compatible with my iPhone, iPad or iPod model? This information must be consulted on an individual application basis, in the “Information” section on the “Details” tab near the end.

There is a section called “Compatibility” where they indicate which version of iOS is the minimum required by our iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPod to be able to Use each app correctly.

So… What are the best applications for iOS (iPhone, iPad) in 2020? 

1. Documents (free)

Do you want to manage your files and moments like a pro on your iPad Pro? Surely the Apple Files app falls short, but you can solve it with Documents. As they say, it is the Finder for iOS. It integrates with cloud services, allows downloading files from the websites, viewing documents, etc. It does everything.

2. Shortcuts (free)

For more than one year, this app is one of the essentials on our iPhone and especially for the iPad. If you have a Mac and constantly use Automator, this app will solve many things. You will be able to create workflows and do various tasks in a simple way: create PDFs, GIFs, icons for the home screen, search for addresses, download all images from a website, etc.

3. 1Password (free app, paid subscription)

We are never tired of recommending this app in conjunction with its desktop versions. It is the best app to manage all your passwords in 2020 and one of the best applications of 2019. It has versions for Mac, Windows or Android, so you can take your passwords securely to all your devices. It works on a subscription plan or you can buy the app license.

4. Adobe Photoshop Fix (free)

All the power of Photoshop on your iOS device! Adobe has launched the app relatively recently and has already become one of the best in the Apple App Store. This focuses on removing imperfections from your photos and does it really well. You can also change the color, focus or light of your shot.

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5. Layout from Instagram (free)

If you have Instagram installed on your iPhone, this app is essential in 2020. You will be able to create collages of the photos in a simple way, creating beautiful compositions, ready to be uploaded to Instagram. Also, it was one of the most popular apps of 2019.

6. Minecraft – Pocket Edition (6.99 euros)

The famous building game has an excellent version for iOS. It is a joy to play with it on the iPad. The Pocket Edition includes Survival and Creative modes, a multiplayer option with wireless network connection, infinite worlds, caves, groups, villages, and much more.

7. Duolingo (free)

Learning a language while playing has never been as easy as with Duolingo. With Duolingo you can learn English, German, French, and Portuguese totally free and at your own pace. One of the essential apps in 2019!

8. Google Photos (free)

The app you must have on your iPhone or iPad! It gives you unlimited backup copies of your photos in the cloud and the search features are spectacular. You can share photos and albums, and your assistant creates very good animations automatically.

9. Things 3 (10.99 euros)

It makes the complicated thing easy: it organizes your projects. One of the best productivity apps in the entire Apple store! You can create lists, reminders, and events. Everything is synchronized in the cloud. The design is amazingly great!

10. Tutanota – secure and private email (free)

If you want to use a secure and private email service, all encrypted and without selling your data to other companies, then Tutanota is your email provider of choice. In their free plan, they offer up to 1GB of storage, which is not bad at all to start with. Stop using Gmail…

11. Waze (free)

One of the best apps to avoid traffic jams wherever you go. The app knows if other users are traveling very fast and how long it takes to reach their destinations. A great app! It notifies you of accidents, radars, police, etc.

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12. PDF Expert (10.99 euros)

Without a doubt, it is the best app to edit PDFs on your iPad or iPhone. It features an intuitively built interface, which makes it easy for us to modify any PDF easily. It has support for the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro. It is not cheap, but you will get advantage of tremendous performance.

13. Day One Daily+ (4.99 euros)

The best way to keep a diary of your life is this app! Simple to use, minimalist and with Mac app, it can be synchronized with Dropbox or iCloud.

14. Pokemon Go (free)

The fever broke out a few months ago, and now it has calmed down a bit. It is still one of the most entertaining games for the iPhone, and also maintains your fitness condition. Search your Pokémons in real life and capture them!

15. Tales From Deep Space (3.99 euros)

An amazing game from the Amazon studio. Survive the revolution you’ve encountered when you reach the moon. A game with incredible quality and very addictive!

16. Snapchat (free)

Haven’t you ever tried their filters when sending pics to your friends? If you do not have Snapchat, you are not in the world! It also has a news section, a lot of stickers and emojis, and other fun things. Perfect to waste some time.

17. Adguard (free)

An ad blocker without which you will not be able to live! All web page ads will disappear on your iPhone. It is easy to configure and you have the possibility to select a large number of filters. It is essential if you want to surf the internet without any discomfort. It blocks all types of ads and trackers, and also all those annoying social sharing buttons.

18. NordVPN – VPN for your iPhone (free, subscription required) 

This app is perfect if you want to maintain your anonymity and privacy when browsing online. It looks great and has much better features than most competitors. Best of all, you no longer have to follow complicated steps to activate your VPN network when you go on vacation with your iOS smartphone or tablet. The app is free but you have to subscribe to one of the paid plans to benefit from their services.

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  • 1 month plan: $ 11.95 per month, $ 11.95 total (0% discount)

19. Clash Royale (free)

Do you want to play the most addictive app store game on your iPhone? Fight against opponents from all over the world with your deck of characters. Great game! 3-minute battles in which you will have to combine strategy and good cards.

20. Fortnite – Battle Royale (free)

The is a video game that hit hard in 2018 and that can not be missing in your iOS system. Form a squad and compete to be the last one standing in 100 player PvP mode. Build coverages, face your rivals, survive the rest, get up with the victory! Crazy? People from all over the world are playing this game. It is free, but if you want to move faster, you will have to buy equipment.

21. Plague Inc

A classic game of the app store. Your pathogen has just infected patient zero. Now your mission is to extinguish humanity by spreading a lethal epidemic while sabotaging the population’s efforts to combat it.

22. Prisma Photo Editor (free)

An app that provides filters for photos like no other. The filters are tremendously detailed and you will be able to create unique photos. It also offers video support. The effects will be applied instantly and then you can share your photos online.

23. Lara Croft Go (5.49 euros)

The Tomb Raider franchise has swept through this excellent game for iOS, bringing us back to the best Lara Croft in many years. We will have to make a good strategy and think a little bit more than normal to pass each phase.

24. iA Writer (9.99 euros)

It´s an essential application without saying. The minimalist environment and markdown functions of this app will make your productivity improve a lot. You will not be distracted by anything. It also has a very interesting feature: you can connect directly with your WordPress blog or Medium account. You write everything in iA Writer and then transfer it to your website. You can also export your documents to HTML, Microsoft Word (.docx) or PDF.

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25. Notability (10.99 euros)

It is not a cheap app, but it is the best in the App Store when it comes to making notes, plus many other things. This application will allow you to combine multiple documents, create PDFs, write by hand, write down everything you want, and share by email, AirDrop, Google Drive or Dropbox. And, most importantly: with multitasking, you can use drag and drop to move files, text, photos, GIFs, website addresses, and other content from other applications to Notability. Perfect for the iPad Pro!

26. Florence (3.49 euros)

If you like games with a good narrative, excellent graphics, and a beautiful story, this video game is the best you’ll find. It tells you the love story between Florence and Krish. Will you manage to keep the love of your partner? Discover it!

27. Old Man’s Journey (5.49 euros)

A story that you will love. You are going to solve a few puzzles that are not very difficult, but what really matters is the story it tells and the excellent soundtrack. A vital search adventure about the really important moments of life, broken dreams and changing plans!

28. Scanner Pro (4.49 euros)

Another Readdle app. Maybe it would be interesting to buy some of their productivity packs in the app store. The perfect scanner for your iPad Pro camera! Scan documents that can be sent by mail, exported to Photos, uploaded to online services (such as Dropbox, Evernote or Google Drive). Use Text Recognition (OCR) to copy and share text from editable PDF documents.

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29. Apollo for Reddit (free)

If you are tired of the official Reddit client for iOS (it has many ads), this is the program you are looking for. There is nothing better to check Reddit on your iPhone, not even Reddit’s own website. You can change a lot of things and if you pay a small amount, you will have the possibility to configure many others.

30. Feedly (free)

If you are one of those who like to read their own news through RSS subscriptions, this is the best app of the moment. After the disappearance of Google Reader, Feedly took over and here they continue. They have a free plan.

31. Faster Internet (free)

The fundamental app to protect your internet connection thanks to Cloudflare. It offers a DNS, that hides from your ISP the queries that you make on the Internet. In addition, it offers a VPN WARP, that encrypts your data online, but not your IP. In any case, it is free!

32. Forest (2.29 euros)

The perfect app to improve your productivity and be focused on doing what you do. And all planting trees and creating a beautiful forest. The more concentration-time, the more trees! The perfect way to put aside the mobile for a while.

33. Blockchain Wallet: Bitcoin (free)

If you want a good Wallet for your Bitcoin, this iOS app is perfect. And all this while you keep your private keys. It supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Stellar (XLM) and USD PAX (PAX). You can also buy and sell Bitcoin.

34. Yuka (free)

The fashion app that helps you to find out if the things they sell you in the supermarket are healthy or not. You scan the barcode of cookies, pistachios, etc. and check if their ingredients are good for your health or not. Everyone is using it when shopping.

35. Strava GPS Running Cycling (free)

Their motto is “If you like running, cycling or simply outdoor sports, you will love Strava.” And it is true. The perfect app to record your sports activity (distance, pace, speed, positive slope or calories you’ve burned.) You will also have an interactive map of your activity and you can share your progress with an immense community.

36. Signal – Private messaging (free)

The app you need if you want to communicate safely and really privately with your friends. It uses an open-source protocol with end-to-end encryption to maintain the privacy of your chats. The great alternative to WhatsApp.

37. Cryptomator (9.99 euros)

Another app that significantly improves your online privacy, thanks to the ability to encrypt your files in online storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, OneDrive. The desktop app is free, but the iOS app is not. You can now upload confidential files to Dropbox without fear of someone reading them.

38. Jottacloud (free)

If you are looking for a good alternative to Google Photos, the app of this online storage service is one of the best options. Automatically upload photos from the reel to the cloud, create albums and filter photos by locations or dates! They respect your privacy. They have a free 5GB plan and an unlimited plan for about €7.5 month

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