The Best GPS Applications for Android

In this article, we are going to discuss the best GPS apps for Android, which you can use when traveling by car, using public transportation, or on foot.

Very popular a few years ago, dedicated GPS navigation systems fell into disgrace as the emergence of the permanently connected smartphones to the internet introduced new sources of traffic information and the possibility of automatic route selection, depending on the real traffic conditions. Traffic jams, road works, road accidents that can cause unforeseen delays, and even the trivial traffic radars are no longer an unpleasant surprise if you use the right application.

Even on cars equipped with GPS navigation, using a GPS application on an Android phone can give better results, with or without the Android Auto connection.

Here are the best GPS applications for Android.

Google Maps

If you’re using an Android phone, you probably already have Google Maps installed. If you’re using iPhone, this is one of the most powerful free GPS applications you can rely on.

Although it offers its full potential only in the presence of the mobile data connection, the Google Maps application can be also used offline. All you have to do is use the offline download option, first selecting the part of the map that interests you. In online mode, you will also have alerts for traffic jams, radars, or other types of incidents, with the possibility of automatically selecting a bypass route.

When traveling by public transportation, you will receive information about the arrival and departure times, the calculation of routes taking into account different means of transportation and their timetable, estimated travel time, and arrival time. You can select a means of travel, including cycling or walking, on the navigation interface.


Also owned by Google, Waze uses the same maps and information sources like Google Maps, but packaged slightly differently. Preferred by commuters and beyond, Waze is arguably the best GPS application in 2019 for Android, both in terms of the interface but especially the information provided in traffic.

Very easy to use and completely free, the Waze app should not be missing from any smartphone.


The iGO application has a long career behind it in dedicated GPS navigation systems and is still the favorite of lorry drivers, who use it with confidence on long routes. Also available as a smartphone or tablet version, IGO is noted for its attractive interface and highly detailed maps, illustrated with 3D models of the main buildings and visual cues for traffic signs.

IGO is still a very precise and complex application, which provides some of the most detailed and accurate GPS maps in the industry. The voice guidance system is also very well implemented, along with an interesting selection of selectable voices. Although it also offers real-time traffic information, iGO is still a solution designed for offline operation, with all the maps and information needed to calculate routes being stored in the local memory of the mobile phone.

Its disadvantage is the cost of the purchase, which is a bit high, especially if we opt for a map package that covers the whole Europe for example. However, before you cut it off the list it is worthwhile to use at least in the trial mode, which is limited in time but has full functionality.

Sygic GPS

Another application developed initially for dedicated GPS navigation systems, Sygic also excels on the smartphone, providing one of the most detailed visual experiences.

The maps provided by TomTom are rendered with numerous 3D landmarks for buildings and landforms and the offline mode ensures that you will never encounter difficulties in areas that are not covered by the mobile network.

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