Top 4 Horror Voice Changer App to Dress Up Your Voice

Do you like horror voice changer apps?

We all love to prank others and have fun of it. Nowadays, people use voice changers to scare others with scary voices. There are countless scary voice changers available who tend to be providing the scary voice features.

At the same, it’s not that easy to pick an appropriate horror voice changer straightaway. Many tools will also disappoint you with a lack of abilities. Considering this aspect, we’ve decided to explore the top 4 horror voice changers for you.

Let’s start it.

Top 4 Horror Voice Changer App

  1. Creepy Voice Changer

If you want to prank your friends, you might feel the need to acquire Creepy Voice Changer. It’s a scary voice changer that offers many horrific voices to frighten others.

Using this tool, you can change the pitch of your audio files. Animation makers and cover singers also use this tool for commercial purposes.


  • You can use it for dubbing and voice acting practices.
  • It offers a voice disguiser in which you can record horror noises.
  • You’ll get many horror sound effects, including snake hise, helium, ogre, female to male, and male to female, etc.
  1. Holloween Voice Changer

Holloween is a scary voice changer that can help you to use some scary tricks on your friends. It’s helpful in voice changing, sound recording, and you can also use this tool as a ringtone maker.


  • It possesses horror sound fx.
  • Halloween is perfect for playing modified voice instantly.
  • Awesome notification sound
  • It offers the voices of a killer clown and spooky ghost.
  1. Voice Changer with Effects

Voice Changer with Effects is a pretty fascinating yet straightforward voice changer. Using the tool, you can apply many fun effects to your voices and record a speech with minimal effort. You’ll find all its effects nothing less than extraordinary.


  • Using Voice Changer with Effects, a user can make his voice sound like Bane, Darth Vader, an alien, death, Optimus Prime, a robot, a demon, and more.
  • After adding effects, you can save that file on your device.
  1. Voice Changer Sound Effects

If you’re looking for a flexible voice changer that can change your voice into the scary mode, the Voice Changer sound effects tool is ideal for you.

It offers many scary effects that are enough to frighten others. This tool is considered one of the best ways to prank your friends and family members.


  • It offers impressive effects, including bee, a slight sound, monster, alien, slow, cave, fast, helium, and hexafluoride.
  • You’ll also get custom sounds with effects: pitch, reverb, treble, mid, tempo, and volume.
  • It allows you to record and change voice directly.

Tips for Choosing the Best Voice Changer App to Fit Your Needs

Voice Changers can help you to prank your friends and family members. Since you’ve so many options available for you, how can you choose a voice changer you need?

Here are a few tips that will tell you how to react while choosing a voice changer.

  1. Acquire a voice changer that can change voice in real-time

You’ll find many voice changers offering the services of changing your recording’s voice. But if you want to prank your friends, you’ll need to acquire a voice changer with the ability to change your voice in real-time. So it would help if you looked for a voice changer of this caliber.

  1. Raise the pitch of your voice

One of the best ways to prank your friends is by raising the pitch of your voice. In this way, you can change a man’s voice to a woman’s voice and vice versa.

Lowering or raising your voice’s pitch can help you make fun calls with your beloved ones. That’s why you need to acquire a voice changer that can raise or lower your pitch of the voice. In addition, your tool must be good enough to change your voice pitch in real-time.

  1. Fool your family members with a voice changer that sounds sick

If you want to fool your family as if you’re ill, you’ll need to acquire a voice changer with the facility of sick voices.

For example, you can sound gravelly, dizzy, and wheezy during a phone call. Even though you’re doing well physically, it’s a fun idea to convince others as if you’re in misery.

Or You Can Mask Horror Voice Using iMyFone Filme

Are you looking for horror voice changer software?

You’ll find many voice-changing tools offering the services you’d have looked for. But when we talk about quality and trustworthy services, no one can match the superiority of iMyFone Filme.

It’s modern software that has all the basics covered. With multiple voice effects and a simple interface, you can serve your purpose better than you expect.

All you need to do is download the software and let it do the rest. Whether you want to make it funny or scary, or content, iMyFone Filme will provide you with the best chance to make your content look fascinating.


IMyFone Filme is blessed with many outrageous features.

Let’s talk about them.

  1. Simple interface

You won’t get a straightforward user interface in many voice-changing tools, but there’s an exception in Filme’s case.

It comes with an excellent reputation for having a user-friendly interface. You can easily understand all its methods without any fuss. IMyFone Filme is a rare case of a professional video editor that offers that much easy user interface.

  1. Basic Effects

One of the main aspects of how iMyFone Filme greatly influences other tools is effect features.

If you’re changing a voice of a video, you’ll see many prolific effects out there. Besides voice-changing effects, you’ll also see tremendous other effects to make your content even more enjoyable.

  1. Audio Voice

IMyFone Filme possesses over 50+ Audio voices to add with. Some of its voices are scary and frightening, making this tool a best scary voice changer also.

It’s pretty heartening to see so many features in a single video editing tool. Besides adding multiple audio voices, you can adjust the length of your audio, crop or trim your audio, or you can also slow track or fast your video using iMyFone Filme.

Steps of changing voice using iMyFone Filme

Step 1: Import your file

In the first gig, you’ll need to download the Filme tool and open it. After doing it, you can import your file from your library.

Step 2: Detach Audio Track

After getting a file, you’ll need to transfer it to Filme’s timeline. Now, you’ll need to click on ” Detach Audio”. It will help you to change your voice.

Step 3: Change the Voice

After you detach the audio track, click on the edit option. Later, you’ll see many scary and funny voice-changing effects appearing your way. You can select whichever you want.

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