Tutorial: How to Install Google Services on Huawei Mate 30 Pro

The Huawei Mate 30 Pro has not been officially launched in stores yet, but the phone has landed in the hands of press journalists. Of course, the phone is one of the best on the market, and despite the fact that we do not yet have an official score on DxOMark, most likely, it will be placed in the top of the ranking, above the Galaxy Note10+ 5G.

However, the Mate 30 Pro has one major drawback: the lack of Google Mobile Services, which provide access to Google applications and especially the Google Play Store. There seems to be a solution for this too, for those who are willing to take risks and who can endure some compromises.

Here’s a quick and useful guide to installing Google services on a Huawei Mate 30 Pro. It only involves five steps, but not all users are encouraged to do so. In fact, those who do not know exactly what they are doing should stay away from such practices and seek the help of more advanced users, as there is a risk of downloading malicious software, which may damage the phone or download personal data such as those on credit card, phone number, and others.

Try the following guide only if you understand the risks!

The process of installing Google Services on Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Step 1

The installation of Google services is done through an unofficial application called “Google Service Assistant”, an application with unknown origins, even though it has Google in its name (in fact its real name in Chinese is 谷歌服务助手, which means the same thing). The Google Service Assistant application can be found on the lzplay.net site, and the download process must be started from the browser. Go to the website (you may need to use a translation service if you don’t know Chinese), download the application, and allow the phone to install applications from unknown sources, other than the official Huawei AppGallery store.

Step 2

Start the Google Service Assistant application and allow it to access everything it needs (photos, media, and other files), the ability to turn off the camera, disable operating system functions, control applications, Wi-Fi, set the list of known applications, and set new categories of applications. The list is comprehensive and the effects in case of problems can be serious. Basically, Google Service Assistant can do whatever it wants on your phone.

Step 3

The app will start downloading official Google apps, including Google Mobile Services, the Google Play Store, and all other required apps. When the download process is complete, all you have to do is press the blue button at the bottom of the screen, which starts the installation itself.

Step 4

Once the installation of the applications is complete, most of them can already be started. You can sign in with a Google account and install apps from the Google Play Store again. However, a restart is recommended before you start using the applications, as some need to be started with the operating system.

Step 5 

If everything is installed and working properly, the Google Service Assistant application can be uninstalled. This is no longer needed from now on.

Known issues

Even though Mate 30 Pro can install and run Google applications and services through this process, there are some usage issues as well.

For example, not all apps in the Play Store will work. Google Pay functionality for phone payments is inaccessible, and most video applications that use DRM copy protection, such as Netflix, will not work from the Play Store. There are alternatives outside the stores and for them, but the usual installation will not work.

Then, Google Assistant, even if it works in the application, cannot be integrated with the operating system. Thus, it cannot start on the voice command “Hey, Google” nor can it be set as a shortcut to the power button.

At the same time, Google applications such as Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and the rest must be manually installed in the Play Store. Google Service Assistant adds only the basic functionality – which allows the apps to be installed and used, as well as the Play Store.

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