WinX Video Converter – How to Convert 4K Video to MP4 on PC for Free

4K is indeed good in quality and it’s an enjoyment to watch the 4K videos on your TV and computer. However, it’s not an occasional situation when you find your PC can’t play the 4K video files with the default media player, which would make you really frustrating. What to do? You know MP4 is the mostly used format, and your player supports it, therefore, converting the 4K video to MP4 might be your first thought.

Well, that’s not wrong. In most cases, the 4K playback problem can be solved after you converting it to MP4. But that does not always work if you don’t understand the principle. Two main factors may result in the 4K videos playback failures. One is large file size, another is incompatible video/audio codec. The size of 4K video is extremely larger than HD, SD videos’ with the same length of content, since one frame image of 3840X2160 4K is precisely 4 times of 1920×1080 HD in pixel. And the mainstream 4K video is encoded in HEVC, VP8/9, AV1, etc. Currently, the compatibility of these codecs is not high as the common ones.

That is to say, you need to either compress 4K videos or decode and encode the 4K videos in another common codec such as MPEG, H.264, etc. In a rare situation, you may need to do both. But, none of this can be a trouble with WinX Video Converter, which can compress and convert 4K video to MP4 at once.

Free 4K to MP4 converter for your PC

WinX Video Converter is an one-stop video converter and video compressor for 1080P/720P HD as well as 4K videos. Built-in with a prosperous support for video/music codecs, it can process 4K videos in any format, including but not limited to MKV, AVC, AVI, MOV, and more. Thanks to the option of adjusting video parameters, you can either change the 4K video to other resolution, downgrade the bitrate, or lower the fps to reduce the file size.

GPU-acceleration technology enhances the procedure of converting 4K videos to MP4. A few minutes later, you can get the MP4 video after converting with WinX Video Converter. Besides, you are allowed to cut the unwanted part of the video, merge videos like the short episodes of animation, and add subtitle permanently in the video.

How to convert 4K video to MP4?

Designed with a neat UI, WinX Video Converter lets you convert 4K video to MP4 in only three steps.

Step 1. Launch this 4K to MP4 converter on your computer, and you can see a Video icon on the interface.

Step 2. Click the icon to add a 4K video, then you will encounter a window to choose output profile.

Step 3. Pick MP4 (H.264), then click the RUN button to initiate the conversion.

If you want to compress the file size, remember to click the gear icon to go video settings after choosing the output format.

That’s all, now you can convert your 4K videos to MP4 for playback, uploading, sharing, and so forth.

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