Redmi K30 Pro: The New Affordable 5G Smartphone from Xiaomi Unofficial Specifications

Xiaomi has already confirmed the launch of the Redmi K30 series for December, with the phone already appearing on some sites, including the Chinese authority for wireless communications equipment certification. Identified with model number M2001G7AE – previously associated with the non-Pro version of Redmi K30, the device has 5G connectivity and a 30W AC adapter in the accessory box, both features being characteristic for the K30 Pro.

Meanwhile, a prototype version of the Redmi K30, with the casing doubled by an outer casing meant to hide the traits of the final design, appears in spy pictures that reveal the details of the configuration. Thus, the new smartphone comes with a GPU from the Adreno 618 series, most likely associated with the Snapdragon 730 chipset, a budget solution delivered by the manufacturer Qualcomm. Trying to gain a competitive advantage over OnePlus products and other smartphone models equipped with 90Hz screens, Xiaomi delivers on the Redmi K30 a 120Hz screen – a refresh rate rather expected on flagship models like the Galaxy S11.

Other features include a dual front camera, signaled by the oval-shaped perforation applied in the upper-right corner of the screen.

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