What the iPhone 12 might look like: No-cut screen, Straight-line design, and a Thicker frame

Even though we already know enough about Apple’s plans for the iPhone 12 generation, it is not 100% clear whether or not it will use a cropped screen, like the X, XS, and 11. A new concept design, based on rumors suggesting that Apple plans to have a “notch” iPhone, but also older device shape information, demonstrates what the basic iPhone 12 models would look like standard and “Plus” variants.

BenGeskin, a well-known leaker and SMAzizG, a YouTube channel that creates all kinds of still-unreleased phone concepts, have made a video clip where we can see two full-screen iPhone’s, uninterrupted by a cut. Even though it was giving up notch, it seems that it does not give up the Face ID system. According to information we have heard in the past, Apple is already planning to make new iPhone models with a thicker frame around the screen, at the top integrating the sensors required for facial recognition.

Thus, Apple could still avoid returning to the Touch ID fingerprint sensors that it still uses on iPad tablets other than the “Pro” and MacBook laptops. This does not exclude the use of a new Touch ID sensor, which will be integrated into the screen, but if Apple has waited until now without this component, it probably will not use it in the future.

Other interesting aspects of this concept are very straight lines. The design is reminiscent of the iPhone 4 and 5, as well as the new iPad Pro 2018 and 2020 models, which are made with straight metal edges, rounded corners, and flat screens. The iPhone never had curved screens, but only 2.5D glass, so the return to a completely flat design would not be out of the ordinary. The only problem with the design is the camera, highlighted in relief, similar to the iPhone 11.

Today’s rumors say that the iPhone 12 might not be released with this cut-out design, which is retained for a larger design change, in 2021. The iPhone without the physical charging jack, which is exclusively based, is expected on wireless technologies. However, Apple may not be the first company to deliver such a device, with other competitors in China such as Vivo and Meizu already presenting concepts for phones without USB ports.

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