Pittsburgh Looks to Recapture ‘The Steeler Way’ During Slide

Things aren’t looking good for the Pittsburgh Steelers, both on and off the field.

Many former players, fans and even players from the current squad are complaining about the lack of ‘The Steeler Way’ in the team’s players, especially the younger ones. According to these people, athletes do not understand the importance of wearing the Steelers jersey and representing that franchise in the NFL.

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Pittsburgh Steelers’ 2021 Season

The Steelers’ pre-season was quite exciting, with 3 wins in four games. The main one among them was the incredible 16-3 against the Dallas Cowboys.

However, the start of the regular season was a complete change of scenery. 3 losses in their first four games, two of them at home ground, the beautiful Heinz Field.

After that the Pittsburgh Steelers sports seemed to show some improvement, getting four victories in a row. But it was only a good moment before the storm.

Currently, the team has a record of 7-6-1, which leaves them only third in the AFC North. For a team that, in the 2020 season, came first in their division with a 14-4 record, this is certainly a huge problem.

And the probability is that the Steelers will add another defeat in the next game, as they will face the Kansas City Chiefs, of the great quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Ex and Current Players complaining

Complaints are many and coming from all sides. When looking for recent Pittsburgh Steelers news, you’re sure to come across the indictment of some big name in the franchise’s history or even some that are still part of the current roster.

And no less. When you think about the great performances the Steelers have had over the years, the current team is downright frustrating. One of the main players annoyed by this is Ben Roethlisberger, one of the few remnants of the Steelers’ glory days.

He misses the energy the Pittsburgh Steelers had in years past, especially back when Dan Rooney was walking into the locker room and lifting everyone’s spirits, speaking with propriety, and making them proud to wear that shirt.

With a soft voice, Rooney was smart and, according to Roethlisberger, acted like a grandfather to the cast at the time. One of the 39-year-old quarterback’s main annoyances these days is music in the locker room. Although the young people think it brings a lively atmosphere, the older ones believe that it is a place of concentration and silence is important for everyone to stop and think.

And several former franchise players also agree with that. Among them, some important names appeared. However, if we could put a list of the three most annoyed ones with the Steelers’ situation, among current and former player, it would be:

  1. Ben Roethlisberger
  2. Rocky Bleier
  3. Ryan Clark

Bleier said the group lacked pride and also needed self-esteem, while Clark said the Steelers didn’t scare anyone, with the Steelers defensive rankings by year being the lowest ever.

Things got even worse, if at all possible, after the loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in mid-November. That’s because Chase Claypool, second-year wide receiver, suggested that the team practice music to brighten the mood.

It’s not hard to imagine the outrage of fans and players more committed to such a suggestion. Fortunately, Coach Mike Tomlin was polite to the player and said they wouldn’t do that.


It’s hard to see a shift from the current state to future state slide of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but it has to come and it has to come fast.

The times of glory and great players, who respected the shirt and were proud to play for the Pennsylvania team cannot go down in history, but must be passed on to this new generation.

We know it’s not easy, modern times try to reach all divisions of society and this would be no different in the NFL. And of course there are changes that come to improve and evolve; however, there are also classic things that should be kept.

The locker room is a place of concentration, and training sessions are done to improve the team’s plays and the athletes’ conditioning and rapport. Songs can be good on the way to the stadium, or in gym sessions.

If things continue this way, surely the super 70s sports twitter will have plenty of content about former players complaining about the Steelers and fans asking to reminisce about the glory moments of a team that needs to rediscover ‘The Steeler way’ as soon as possible, before it’s too late.

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