The Application where You Can Track the Spread of Coronavirus Live

The Science and Engineering team at the Johns Hopkins University Research Card in the United States have created an online application that uses worldwide data to map and track the evolution of the worldwide coronavirus epidemic. This application can be accessed directly from the browser and monitors (almost) in real-time confirmed cases, deaths, and the number of people who have been cured of coronavirus.

The application updates the data on each refresh and uses information from around the world for aggregation. These data are organized according to the country, region, and locality, these being automatically placed on an interactive map that presents cases confirmed by coronavirus with different red circles. Each case is counted to a global total, while on the right side there is a ranking with most cases confirmed by region.

At the time of writing, out of 13983 cases worldwide, 9074 were identified in China in Hubei alone, while Zhejiang was the second with 599 cases. The interactive map developed by the Johns Hopkins team also reveals the location of coronavirus cases. 13983 cases are in China, 20 in Japan, 19 in Thailand, 16 in Singapore, 12 in Australia, 12 in South Korea, 10 in Taiwan and 8 in the United States. For more detailed information, consult the live map.

The total number of coronavirus-related deaths at this time is 304 worldwide, while 331 patients have already been cured, according to the available information. You can access the interactive map to track the evolution of the coronavirus epidemic on the dedicated site. Since it uses a lot of data that it compresses on a single map, the site might work harder than a regular map site.

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