What size Evaporative Cooler Do I Need?

You might be thinking about installing an evaporative cooler in your home. But, you will be concerned about the right evaporative cooler size. Find some tips here.

When the summer season approaches, it is again time to think about how to keep your family cool. If your friend has recommended you to install an evaporative cooling system, you might wonder about the right evaporative cooler size. But, before identifying the ideal size, let us first gain some basic knowledge about this type of cooling system for your home in Australia.

What is an Evaporative Cooling System?

Evaporative cooling system is popular mainly because it is comparatively affordable to run. Above all, it is easy to use than a regular air conditioner. It is a simple, roof-mounted system that encompasses a ventilator, cooling pads, pump, and a water tank. As the name suggests, it uses evaporation for cooling the air.

How Does An Evaporative Cooling System Work?

When you switch on the evaporative cooling system, a pump starts to circulate water from the tank to the cooling pads. This happens to completely drench the pads in the water. A fan draws air from outside through the wet cooling pads. When the air from outside passes through the already wet pads, it becomes cool by evaporation. The cool air then passes through your entire home through ceiling ducts. These ducts run out to vents that the installer locates in each room in your home.

Are you worried that you are not a techie? Anyone can easily operate an evaporative cooling system. Do you know why? It is controlled by a wall-mounted panel. It is something easy to use and responsive as well. So, anyone can easily control this system. Are you wondering whether this cooling system will cost you more on electricity bills as compared to regular air conditioners? You will be surprised to know that an evaporative cooling system is cheap to run. It generally costs between 5-10 cents per hour. It means that it will not have an impact on your electricity bill.

Is Evaporative Cooling System Right for your family?

Before you try to find the answer to the question of what size Evaporative Cooler do I need, you might be thinking about whether it is the right choice for your home. Here is the answer to your question:

Is your home located in a humid area? Is the area prone to fire attacks? Can you keep the doors and open when you run the system? Let us consider that you live in a dry area that is not prone to fire accidents. In this case, a ducted evaporative air conditioner can be the right choice for you. A professional can help you decide whether this system will suit your house or whether you can opt for a regular air conditioner unit.

What are the Benefits of Evaporative Ducted Cooling System?

  • The good thing about an evaporative ducted cooling system is that it is the best choice for individuals with allergies. Do you know how? All air in the process that this system uses for cooling your home is not reused. So, the air is fresh, and your family need not have to face allergies because of air that is re-circulated in other types of AC units.
  • Also, the moisture levels in your property when you use this system will not irritate your eyes, nose, or skin. This is again beneficial for people with allergies.
  • The air used by this system is filtered before it is chilled. It means that no impurities get into your property.
  • As against other air conditioning systems, you can keep the windows and doors in your home open when you use this system. In turn, your family can get more natural air.
  • It cools the entire house without any zoning needed
  • It is designed to suit the dry and hot Australian climate.

How to Decide on the Right Size Evaporative Cooler for your Home?

In the process of sizing an evaporative cooler for your home, here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Determine the outdoor design conditions around your property in Melbourne.
  2. Identify the utmost air change rate and required indoor design temperature.
  3. Determine the required indoor and outdoor noise levels
  4. Identify the cooling load and then ensure that the cooler matches the cooling load in your property
  5. Check whether the rated cooling performance and the airflow suit your application
  6. Make sure that there is an effective air relief path
  7. Determine the level of noise in the critical outdoor locations of your property. It means that it is better to check whether there is space for the installation of noise reduction measures if required in the future.

When you calculate the right size of the evaporative cooler for your home, you will have to consider different factors. Here are a few of them:

How much you will have to spend on Energy Costs?

Indeed, an evaporative cooler will help you save on the energy cost more as compared to regular air conditioners. However, you should give the utmost importance to selecting the right system for your home. For instance, when you go for a system with an inverter attachment, you can save nearly 50% on energy costs as compared to a system without this attachment.

What is the Quality of the System?

Of course, when you compare different evaporative cooling systems, you will be thinking about buying the cheapest option. But, as against giving importance to this factor, you should give importance to the quality of the system as a crucial factor. In turn, you can get a system that will rightly cool your property besides ensuring durability.

What Size Area You Should Cool?

Even though this is the last factor, it is a crucial factor when deciding on the evaporative cooling size. Choosing a size bigger than the actual space to be cooled in your property will let you pay more on energy bills. On the other hand, choosing a smaller size will not give you the required level of cooling to your entire home. So, the size of the evaporative cooler should go with the space that you wish to cool.

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